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Why do people refuse to acknowledge the 'unbelievable things' -2?

Continuation of ‘Why do people refuse to acknowledge the "unbelievable things"?'

I have been released a fact in my Japanese blog that 'They' practicing mind control using something much more positive experience for us like a hope, for example, through the video 'The Secret' (produced by freemason) and the case of Susan Boyle (remember?).
The Secret: 1st 20 minutes

“The Secret” EXPOSED!

Susan Boyle is namechecked on South Park

Susan Boyle

This phenomenon gives us some expectations for the future, even if they are just illusions to majoritiy people. However compensation will be inevitable that we lose vision for seeing reality. Most people live dreaming better future and it encourages people have enthusiasm for life. Exactly, ‘I need to be happy’.
I Need To Be Happy lyrics

Do you think we need some money together to realize it? However, making money is not so easy. Where does it come from? Rob the bank? Cheat to deceive people? Practice corruption? Or get high, only to forget about something likes a costly attempt? So the CIA has the most drug control in the world. Don’t you know?

Another day, I told my friends about the future fate of the current human, as disclosed in previous posts, but it was easy to perceive that this fact was unacceptable to them. They immediately said the same phrase "It couldn’t be (means don’t want to believe)”, after they have listened it.

Even they admit that human evolution will happen, but said it will be in thousands years later and it will not happen before their death. They do not want to believe it anyway. Despite they believe in irrational and ambiguous God, and so on.

For reaction of the people is thus always the same. Although there is reasoning in the theories I presented (for example, believe in the existence of extraterrestrial, logically, should be more coherent than irrational existence of God), people deny it all in a moment, and almost people refuse to hear my explanation.

Manipulated and imprinted knowledge of human history, religion and common sense for life in harmony in the own community since their birth, also contribute to deny it. Moreover I remembered the following:

The author of 'The letters from alien Ummite', Petit presents next episode in the book. When an expedition team entered Papua New Guinea (formerly), this team showed a movie to isolated native from the civilization.

This portion of the movie was a city on a plateau with a large number of concentrated populations, and vehicles and drawn carriages are passing on the avenue.

Then team’s translator asked the natives that what these things would look like. The natives gave him an answer, saying that it look like chickens. For them, there would be no more response because they didn’t know any other world.

He tells another experience too. At that time, emerged 'streaking' (naked person at a public place), so he has tried it with his attractive girl friend. This couple was naked and was walking quietly on the avenue of the small town in the middle of the night.

However, you might claim it’s impossible to unaware such abnormality. Firstly even I really wonder about this episode, but it’s possible with common perception at that time that there’s no chance to see naked couple on the avenue. This means that a people’s perception about events occurred could change due to changes of eras and ambiances.

Then who came and crossed beside the couple just said hello, as if unaware abnormality. It means that they do not want to recognize the incredible thing looked there.

For me, my friends with such thinking and reasoning have indestructible barrier to block the information that they don’t want to accept, because it would deny to himself, means that should deny their past life and his own future existence. People could be happier, without knowing the future and fate so cruel.

↑ Ostrich hides only its head when threat is coming.

So it's time for us to recognize the facts in any way, because the undesirable human evolution event has been already ongoing. Thus there is no time to forget it and spend time without accepting the facts until the own death.

Now, one thing should do to avoid intervention Ummite or our direct action against ‘They’ (read ‘Human evolution event also awakes unprecedented awareness of Ummite’), and to preserve the new human (read 'True reason of the intervention of Ummite'). It wouldn’t mean direct fighting against 'They'.

That means everybody has to acknowledge the facts, to influence the will of our 'That world' in the universe. Because even though your age does not fit in the range of ‘Indigo’ (read ‘“Indigo” is the new man'), It’s possible that you would have ability of telepathy as well as my case.

We will have disastrous and black future. However, this event will be a big step for the organism with intelligence, which was born on the planet Earth, to continue its evolution infinite also.

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