Monday, July 26, 2010

Why do people refuse to acknowledge the 'unbelievable things'?

Continuation of 'The biggest fraudster in the human history is religion -3'
To resolve the current chaos in the human world, insistence on awareness and ethics through education, or practice religion, philosophy and love will be unfortunately futile due to the fundamental problem of the current human brain. Our brain is too weak to resist mind control. It means there's no way to have a solution finally.

Even if a person has strong conscience, too much human emotion addicted feeds create chaos. You maybe imaging that mind control exist only in the suspense movies, but it’s very banal and serious because common media use it frequently and widely.

The TVs show ads from sponsors of goods, TV Soaps and junk movies in Hollywood, which are included mind control technique. Thus everybody feel strong taste emotion and happiness of illusion. So finally, it would become obsessive-compulsive disorder.

By the appearance of the new human, only this situation must change (yet it cannot guarantee zero crime in the future, because there are still crimes in the society of Ummite, even the Ummite evolution) and by the extinction of current humans.

I understand that almost my reveals in the posts point dark future for major current human. Of course, people don’t want to know any disastrous future. This reaction is very natural because people wouldn’t want to suffer and die, at least, sooner than the expectancy average life.

‘A drowning man will clutch at a straw’, as the saying goes. Who is on the verge of death from a cancer, takes a risk of chemotherapy, even it’s no effect, in fact, and might die sooner by side effects of the treatment because anticancer drags usually kill healthy cells instead the cancer. Moreover, people have very afraid of dying. So they chose anticancer drag even its absurdly expensive.

There are articles of the experts, argue that most chemotherapy has no effect. Then pharmaceutical companies sell lots of shit drug. The cases 'miracle' cures of media’s propaganda spread are to favor the sponsors.

Nobody guarantee all the doctors are confident and honest, because they can deceive us. Nobody (except medical?) would Known its true motive, if patient death would occur with anticancer treatment.

Everybody admits the love power, but love will solve problems? It’s for me, of course not. Love is the same thing as belief in a religion and prayer. 'God’s Love' does not exist. It must be the effect by the fraud of culture or society.

The reality of love is quite different, as you already know, or better say, your bitter frustrating experience with people, who are related. Why do people declares, repeating endlessly and wants to insist it on any occasion? Because we already know in practice, this word doesn’t have a desired effect, with conscious or subconscious. It should be an act by reason of an anxious.

To have some relationships with someone, people have to deceive themselves, as love should have such a great effect for harmony and conciliation to live with people. However, most its case eventually could fall in disappointment and disgrace.

Brazilian TV station, Rede Globo showed viewers the miniseries 'Do not kill who loves’ in the 1980s. Unfortunately, due to I have no habit of watching TV Soaps, I know nothing of the episodes of the series. However, this slogan for awakening passion crime obviously has been having no success so far. People are committing passion for murder continuously.

Well, I can say that the relations of human consciousness, religion, philosophy and love, for the reasons above, these things really cannot influence to resolve current human chaos.

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