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UFO Technology of Ummite -9

Continuation of 'UFO Technology of Ummite -8'

The twin hyper sphere universe with negative curvature has the feature of size variation and speed of light also changes, along with the sphere size change. It means another universe has 'time dilation', i.e. fluctuation of 'Spacetime' (read 'Planet UMMO').

Ummite says in the book that he came to the planet Earth when the weather condition was favors to travel, means the distance between the Earth and the UMMO reduced (hyper sphere diameter contracted) over the same ship’s speed. For this reason, Ummite could get the planet Earth by spending just 6 months despite with the 14.3 light years of distance.

By reading the book, I suppose the U.S. has already acquired major information of the procedure ‘Warp Drive’, but do not have information on the gas it uses. Thus in this episode, Benandy wondered what kind of gas would be used, and asked for it Petit. However, Petit didn’t know, because Ummite didn’t teach it Petit. Well, did you understand? The U.S. was trying to steal gas’ secret (however, this episode is suspicious. I guess actually Petit has given the information volunteer).

'Black hole' theory would have a possibility of imprinting (psychology) for the Goyim to hide the fact, because 'They' have recognized the 'Twin universe' theory. Physicist paralyzed Stephen Hawking, who is popular with his charisma spread the black hole existence. But he has really natural charisma?

The charisma computer business dominator, Bill Gates has been assigned by 'they' when he started his career. I believe that his charisma is not of the true ability and of his prestige. And now, Gates has started another career, it connected to the ‘Agenda' of 'They' (read ‘“Agenda” of “They”’).
Welcome to the Gates Notes
Ok, now the question is somewhat more difficult, it’s a situation of the ship in our twin universe after the shift. One person in the conference asked Petit that a ship operates in another universe no problem? If another universe was the vacuum, MHD propulsion would not work.

All antimatters i.e. anti atoms, anti subatomic particles (anti proton, positron, etc.), and so on would be 'implanted' suddenly, when the ship went into another universe. So, Petit says that a characteristic of a particle size with mass 'm' occupy a position in space, is the Compton length (read 'Compton scattering'). And Compton equation is simplified below.

λ2: Wavelength of the photon
h: Planck constant
c: Speed of light
m: Mass of the electron
Compton scattering

Soon after this ‘implantation', if compared a particle size between our universe and another universe, the particle of another universe would be larger than ours. This increase in length means an energy loss.

Well, for not losing propulsion energy of the ship at the displacement moment, the displaced particles should be reduced, as theory of relativity defines, or rather, re-materializes the ship with speed decreased relativity and simultaneously along with effect of length contraction and time dilation by Lorentz transformation result. It means the ship speed should reduce relativity.
Lorentz transformation

Then , who asked about the behavior of the ship, question again, saying if there were such re-materialization, thus directions of the particles velocity would not be the same, it means the ship would be disintegrated.

So, Petit said that therefore a preparation would be necessary. The ship should spin to generate the regular magnetic field due to turn every particle to just one direction (read 18' of 'UFO Technology of Ummite -5').

Petit said, adding that the velocity direction depends on the ship's direction and the magnetic field direction in the moment before the shift. And speed is defined by constant of reduction of twin universes (pair). If this constant became two times, the ship speed could reach 86% of the speed of light momentarily.

Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, it might be including some different information from this post because of deferent source.
Discovery of the Earth-Arrival and first days
Description Ummo craft (5)

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