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UFO Technology of Ummite -7

Continuation of 'UFO Technology of Ummite -6’

I have just posted previous article ‘Irresponsible and unjustifiable attitude of the physical scientist Jean-Pierre Petit’. After that, I must duet follow episode because of his (Petit) secrete contact possibility with the U.S. military, so that I cannot trust Petit as the past feeling. However, I decided to post this series articles without changing anyway.

In the book ‘[The U.S. stole] Plasma Science of alien Ummite’ Petit reveals alleged disinformation of the Roswell incident. He heard from Black and Benangy (read ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2’), admitted that the Roswell case really happened.

The U.S. military has collected the UFO wreckage and took away aliens. The interesting thing is that the UFO was not a flying saucer in this case; it said the UFO was like Aurora, according to the revelation of them.

The most interesting thing is told in the book alleged an alien conspiracy. By considering that aliens should have perfect cloning technology, they may left the its cloned bodies and crashed UFO to warn the human about alien existence.

Well now, you wonder if the U.S. military has flying saucer, such as Ummite one? Black said that it already has the radio controlled 5m diameter UFO and it flew with approximately Mach 10. The book points out that France has a research organ, which analysis on military technology is called ‘COMET’, and it reported about UFO study in the USA military.

I suppose the U.S. still doesn’t have production technology of the micro-plasma generator, powerful computer system that could control them and so on. However, already possessed the technology to generate antimatter and it would allow constructing an incomplete model. It maybe likes the illustration and the videos below.

TR3-B Pumpkinseed USAF anti-grav MHD Over Paris July2008

UFO in Australia-Google Earth

↓ For UFO geeks, this page has more interesting videos (mostly for disinformation).

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