Sunday, July 4, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite -10

Continuation of 'UFO Technology of Ummite -9'

Then, other person questioned Petit, saying it seems to me that the ship cannot stop in another universe. So how could break it? He replied, put on the brakes, but it will consume much energy, therefore the ship should perform the opposite procedure to enter the universe.

The ship would return the previous situation with the same parameters instantly, back in our universe. If the Ship had stopped state, it would re-materialize stopped in space.

The problem is the twin universe unstable so that the two universes cause interference each other because a gravity of the each universe causes it, like a couple’s fighting. Another universe is hotter and the speed of light is larger than ours.

It means that a distance and fiscal parameters would change, causing 'Spacetime' in irregular time, and changing travel time of the ship. If a condition was very favorite, it would be possible to travel vast distances, such as 100 light-years!

The information written above is contrary to the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. Ummite says Einstein’s way was not wrong, but he did not know the speed of light is constant with only an 'inertial motion'. In the twin universes, the speed of light c: Rc ² = Constant (R: radius of curvature) and it depends on the position of an observer.
Theory of relativity

See the drawing of the 'Möbius strip' below to understand it easier. When the two surfaces (front and back) of the tape get together, the universe began. The arrow (vector) of the tape surface will be reversed after a full circle.

People would have an illusion, '↓ 'and' ↑ ' with impression as if two 'Spacetime' exist, but '↓ '+' ↑ ' result inexistence of the time because of compensation. The letter 'R' on the tape also will turn upside down after a full circle. The appearance of 'R' change depends on the positions of the observers. This twin universe would lose direction, when 'R' and upside down’s ‘R’ joins.
Möbius strip

Anyway; we cannot recognize the twin universe directly, because the limits of our five senses, or rather, our perception is limited due to our sub-evolved brain, which does not available its capability.

By the way, finally, is there antigravity? There is very interesting information in this book. As you already know, between the twin universes, gravity effect was reversed in one another universe.

So if the ship could enter universes alternately (in our universe, the ship would fall, but in another universe, the ship would rise), the sip propelling would be by antigravity, in this case.

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