Friday, July 16, 2010

The true reason for the intervention of Ummite

Read 'Reason for the intervention of Ummite' before reading this post.

I suppose that the operation to monitor the Earth’s event is costing too much for Ummite, this event might never have happened in the history of Ummite. It would be very important to preserve new human, for the future joining possibility with the human.

However, is that all? I realized an experiencing possibility of Ummite. As already disclosed in the posts, until the conspiracy of 'Agenda' by ‘They’, which lasted 200 years, would be handled by the will of our ‘That world’ to complete the event (human evolution) as one of the sacrifices.

In the book, Ummite reveals that discovered the planet Earth by chance when captured a Morse code signal that a ship on the Earth transmitted a long time ago. However, this could be happened on purpose, due to the will of the 'That world', would manipulate this opportunity.

Anyway, my understanding is that all acts of organisms with intelligence in the universe are controlled by their will. Then if 'They' would acknowledge this fact and abandon the NWO conspiracy, how our future would go?

Nobody, even the will of the ‘That world’, who controls the event, doesn’t know the human future. I believe that this trial of Ummite would be unprecedented, at least, our proximity area in the universe.

However, soon after I realized something much more serious. Although Ummite has more longstanding history and fundamental knowledge of the frauds by sophisticated intelligence that 'They' are practicing similar ones here on the planet Earth, Ummite was fooled by 'They', after beginning contacts with the human.

Ummite finally acknowledged to be fooled, but it was too late because turned over the most disastrous toy, which means plasma science (antimatter). It was a big mistake and stupid act of Ummite, even if he was fooled.

If I were Ummite, no doubt, I would down exactly the same intervention that he is preparing, if 'They' used it. Though why have it down? The reason is that even Ummite is more evolved than the current human, he is still halfway to evolution, there are his flaws and can commit many mistakes.

The book 'The letters from Alien Ummite' reveals about culture and system of the planet Ummo. The political and the social system of Ummite is based on totalitarianism, he doesn’t practice our democracy and almost doesn’t have freedom. And human right might be minimum respected.

Moreover, individuality is not important. People must get permission and receive genetic psychological compatibility examination for the marriage and so on. Birth control would be very strict too (I'm sure that this policy is also necessary for our planet to exit the current chaotic situation. Who is preventing it, is fucking catholic and ridiculous fundamentalist of human rights).

When children reach a specified age, they should be separated from their parents. Ummite has no emotional temperament, fraternal, loving, and so on that most people here adore. In any event, Ummite would be free as you're used to here on earth.

Even though I'm still up to practice a paper as a drumbeater (a manipulator of information) of Ummite when researching and writing articles for posts, my discomfort and, suffering that the hacker (Ummite) causes, is large and annoying.

For example, the hacker puts a type of virus on my computer, causes system crash, or recently, the hacker set me up deleting important part has been written for this post in Portuguese, it means I lost almost everything I did on the day (after, I understood that this reason was to point the problem of text) and so on.

Spoil everything done by me in the day, might be a sequence of psychological text, which get may psychological reaction (Ummite researches general human psychology to need for intervention) or, for a reason to inject a hatred me of Ummite.

To recover from all this spoil, including perfectly clear virus infected hard drive, and reinstalling the operating system, always I had to spend much time and effort.

Since 2008, I cannot send email because it’s blocked by the hacker. Sometimes, I cannot buy air thicket accessing the net. These provocations cause unreasonable loss of my desire to research and the continuation of the blog.

Moreover, there is many hazing troubled and awkward insistence. Sometimes it points out my mistakes in the texts, but without saying anything or, not cite them by telepathy. To me, it’s hard to understand which its reason is. Thus I become very angry.

I was quite angry several times like that, banging on the table and hurl F wards, also saying that alien go away! and so on, in front of my computer monitor, but right now, I know these are even with a motive for human behavior studies of Ummite.

Although Ummite admits that there are mind and cultural differences between the human and Ummite. Therefore, Ummite declared that our intention would be respected in the letters delivered. So, in the case, the intervention would occur, we should not believe it for the reason mentioned above.

One more important thing cannot forget that Ummite abuses intelligence as if 'They' practiced, and we would be controlled by this same way. We could become a miserable situation of mental slaves with no freedom to make decisions ourselves.

It means that we should resolve the absolute risk of human extinction alone to avoid the intervention of Ummite, which might have a big risk of losing human dignity and our culture.

When I reached this conclusion, I realized something much more important. If I’d have my ability of telepathy (I believe I have it) to pass information to our 'That world', could inform to him my intentions and other persons with same ability (Indigos) hold the same one.

If such care would be down, the 'That world' who controls 'They', might change behavior 'They' or, at least, might avoid using the antimatter bomb that causes entire human suicide.

I suppose Ummite wants this form of resolution to rule out the direct intervention, revealed it in this blog. So Ummite forced me to disclose these facts on the posts for which the Indigos (read ‘“Indigo” is the new human’) understand their roles.

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