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The true reason for the intervention of Ummite -2

Continuation of 'The true reason for the intervention of Ummite'

Well, you'd better know how Ummite decided to have contact with humans. In the book, there is an article that Ummite claims when there was a favorable time in the twin universe to travel between stars in 1943 to 1978, many trips between civilizations of the planets.

He says this very rare opportunity occurs. Therefore some aliens came to the planet Earth as well. Getting advantage of this time and saying that all aliens had never intended to harm on the human. This is the code of honor in the universes.

Among aliens came, they had no contacts except the special case in the Earth. After they arrived here, species much like current human mixed with human life and acted own interest research. After all the studies were done, they left the Earth without a trace and nobody of the human would notice about them.

One species has the appearance of 'Grey' with the large head and shorter one that there’s no condition to blend into human society, living seafloor. This alien has particularly advanced science about brain research and practiced human brain researching.

He has abducted many people and did research on their brain without doing an injury to her health. After the researching, this alien released them erasing their memory in the hippocampus. Therefore, there were the species, which had violated universe ethics code.

Anyway, there were no obvious direct contacts by the documents (letters) with the human, as if Ummite has practiced. Only Ummite has tried to contact that way. However, this contact caused a big problem.

Ummite has passed information fatal to humans, for example, antimatter, MHD, etc., which have been mentioned above, and it is being disclosed in posts. Finally, its information was used for bad motive by 'They'.

An interesting letter in Spanish (refer to ‘Las Cartas de Ummo’ below) Ummite was sent to 18 people, shortly before starting the Gulf War (the war was a big fraud also) in February 1991.
Gulf War
Las Cartas de Ummo

According to that letter, Ummite attempted mediation of the conflict with contacts even presidents George Bush senior (shitty shameless practitioner of pedophilia old man) and Mikhail Gorbachev directly. Though for my current perception, Ummite was completely fooled by 'They'.

Unfortunately, these facts became a great risk of total extinction through the human evolution event, as already disclosed in the posts (read 'Who Controls the human evolution? -2').

Repeating previously revealed fact in the post, Ummite should be aware that he didn’t violate a code of honor universe: do not to interfere in this case.

However, he made this contact, and finally acknowledged the error, but it was too late, in fact, did mugs game. According to my memo when I read the old book version of 'The letters from alien Ummite' in 1994, says that Ummite planned official and direct contact with humans from 2030 to 2050. Well, I think this plan had changed after the occurrence of '11 September' in 2001.

Should have a change of a situation quickly and imminent danger is already occurring. Anyway, Ummite should be criticized by other aliens. After that huge damage has been done, he would be deeply sorry.

This experience explains why organisms with intelligence more evolved could not have direct contact with its less evolved, as a reason and an exemplary.

If the intervention event occurs, Ummite will commit another even greater damage to the human, exactly Ummite would not be wishing. So we have to solve our own hands, and Ummite has to leave the Earth, without the intervention in our world, leaving only blow the human a symbolic kiss for 'good luck'.

It seems to me that the intervention of Ummite wouldn’t be the salvation of the human by the spirit of fraternity or humanity that you would imagine or, that could be a pure illusion as if false ‘Ascension’, is imprinting same things in people for the hoax.

It should be the salvation of his honor, it means, not want to spread unwanted reputation that Ummite committed big mistake throughout the universe, although no intent to harm intentionally.

Perhaps you would think we need technologies of Ummite, for example, UFO technology and the technology, which synthesize anything revealed in the post 'Aliens are predators and exploiters?'

However, if we could survive and evolve through the difficulty of the event, our new human could develop it with own way, wouldn’t take a long time. No doubt, we might have our UFO to travel deep of the universe, due to find and join other similar levels of the organisms with intelligence.

Moreover, we could also evolve endlessly. Ummite may be our one future option to marry, but this decision should be made by our highly evolved descendants.

I’m not only against the intervention of Ummite, as well as their staying on the Earth. It is because I wondered about the influence if there was intervention, it would have more risk that riots problems would occur and so on, than benefits. I think there are big cultural differences between human and more Ummite.

I think I'm getting this message (above) from Ummite via telepathy. Thus now, I want to appeal to Indigo: You have to have this very important knowledge and awareness for averting the future fatal human disaster so that future human and the Planet Earth existence, continuing.

Repeating the claim on 'They', they will not be dominating the planet Earth. ‘They’ have no chance to survive and complete its ambitious conspiracy NOW. It only has a role of prepared drama for the new human emergence.

In the end, I insist that the perception above would be unique chance to influence the will of our 'That world'.

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