Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prophet Octopus?

As you already might know, the famous ‘Nostradamus’ or ‘Prophet' octopus of the Aquarium in Oberhausen in Germany has chosen all the winner of eight games in the World Cup that he guessed correctly.
Paul The Octopus Finish Historic World Cup Run (STUNNING PICTURES)

Does this octopus, Paul, have the really same ability to predict and have such high intelligence as Brazilian TVs news spread? When he hit the final outcome of the game on TV news, I looked for some information because it’s not logical by my common-sense. It’s impossible. Huh? Do you deny my idea?

Paul The Octopus Predict The Final – Netherland VS Spain

Ok, read “They” have controlled the world for 200 yearsand“Agenda” of “They”. It’s not so difficult to fool people for 'They'. Then I looked for some information, which has same idea of mine, and I found a blog article that I have habit of its checking every day. Well, what explanation is following, it’s very simple. See photo below. The boxes bearing winner country’s flag are always right side.

It means that the game results of the World Cup were being manipulated from behind, no doubt, by ‘They’ with some reason. Of course, its reasons are to try an imprinting the existence of prophecy, which is something like of 'Ascension' in people (‘Goyim’). There may be someone for making big money also.

However, one of them, as above blog article says, it’s to honor the champion’s country, or rather to honor Spain, before falling into fatal financial collapse.

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