Sunday, July 4, 2010

The physicist Jean-Pierre Petit surrendered to 'They'

After posting the last post, ‘Irresponsible and unjustifiable attitude of physical scientist Jean-Pierre Petit’, my suspicions about behavior of Petit became stronger. This perception must be from Ummite via telepathy. Thus I've decided to accuse more serious thing about him.

Until I feel such perception, I had thought Petit was protected by Ummite, because even he practiced the activities to disseminate information of Ummite and denounce conspiracies of the U.S. ('They') at the site on the net and in his books, he is still alive and would be no suffering with blackmail.

Well, my conclusion was really Petit practiced same things of David Icke and Alex Jones (read '" Agenda of "They" -2 '). I imagine that once he could receive threats of the CIA, or would be forced to collaborate by 'they'.

However, may be due to the French authority was no interest in developing the technologies (MHD and antimatter) that he wanted, Petit might be dissatisfaction and finally, he would decided to turn over the information to 'They' voluntarily.

According to the article below (read 'Extraordinary stores' on the page), when Petit and his colleagues received Ummite invitation to meet in Madrid in Spain in 1988, he claims he has been forced implant in his skull after he was knocked unconscious with injection by Ummite. But for me, on this treatment for Petit, Ummite is justifiable.

Because Petit was a collaborator of 'They'. Well, right now, we have to consider, his information on the site and the book should have manipulations of information.

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