Thursday, July 1, 2010

Irresponsible and unjustifiable attitude of the physical scientist Jean-Pierre Petit

When I was writing the pervious post ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -5’, I suffered again a shit disturbance by the hacker (Ummite) (read ‘who control the human evolution’). It means that the link for ‘New MAGNETHYDRODYNAMICS MHD’ below was unable to put in the post.
MAGNETHYDRODYNAMICS New MHD converters : induction machine

To know its reason, I have seek some information on the net. So finally, I decided to uncover a fact (including this fact has denounced from Ummite via telepathy), which is needed to tell you here.

I have been already revealed a several articles on the technologies of Ummite, it’s the practical MHD technology, the twin universe theory, antimatter plasma and so on., in the posts ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite', 'UFO Technology of Ummite' and ‘Antimatter Plasma weapon is 10000 times of the atomic bomb power’.

Unquestionably, these technologies and knowledge came from Ummite. It’s not originated on Earth. As to already revealed facts in the episodes of the several posts, for example, the U.S. stole MHD and antimatter plasma technology to develop secret super advanced weapons.

Well, Frances physicist Petit, the author of the book referenced in the posts clearly revealed the involvement of alien Ummite on the technologies. In the book, he tells of the alleged involvement of Andrei Sakharov, the Russian Novel Prize winner, in relation to Ummite.

Because Sakharov presented the idea of twin universes (Twin universe theory) before its publishing by Petit, without citing source of the idea, it was really from Ummite. Read ‘Bigravity cosmological model (Twin universe theory)’ in the page below.
Jean -Pierre Petit
Andrei Sakharov

Nevertheless, in the article below, Petit also didn’t mention anything of its ideas’ origin, for example, MHD Aerodyne, twin universes and so on., when the theories of Ummite were published in the Academy of Sciences of France in the 1970s by him, officially.
Jean -Pierre Petit

He presented the theories or principles of the ideas and technologies of Ummite not only without citing the source, but also shows, as own unique ideas and inventions. Even though he had a compelling personal reason, I believe this his attitude is irresponsible and unjustifiable.

Even if the information sources are from the alien, who does not exist here for the academy members, means that its scientists are blimps and ridiculous, the copyright of Ummite have to be respectable.

Read ‘About the disinformation of Ummite’ also.

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