Monday, July 12, 2010

'Indigo' is the new human

Hi everybody, have you never heard ‘Indigo’ child? Since I knew about the ‘Ascension’, even without knowing that this is a disinformation by 'They' at the time, I was looking for its birth of new human.

The articles below were some of the information that way. However, it’s no proof and evidence, and it has more connection with the ‘Ascension’, I have believed ‘Ascension’ had no reliable information at that time, and this issue was almost into oblivion.
New Form Of Humans Being Made? DNA, Cellular Upgrades?

Then in September last year, for preparing a post, which referenced the new Japanese Prime Minister election, I found an interesting article about the emergence of indigo children (watch the video below), not only in Japan but also in the USA.

ABC News segment about indigo Children

As the Doreen’s version, ‘Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children’ below shows that after emergence of indigo, another type, but much like the indigo, are called 'Cristal' children came about after the year 1995 and they are capable of telepathy (read ‘How Ummite discovered “Life after death” and “Network of the soul”’).
Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

Attention: I don’t trust Doreen Virtue because some of her arguments are alleged mind control by ‘They’ (added on January 9, 2012).

The New Children, Indigo Cildren, Crystal Children

Although I didn’t believe about spirituality, there was an intuition that its children link the new man, because I thought that claim of the authors who write the births of specified children indicates, would have some connection with 'Life after death' in the universes.

So I found interesting articles about indigo below. First, I warn you for the picture of Mayan civilization, Sumer (see ‘Boriska - Criança Índigo’ below, regarding Nibiru) and the Egyptian pyramids are exploited by 'They' to deceive 'Goyim', i.e. the ‘Ascension’ and 'New Age’ geeks. Furthermore, Martians, Venusians and inhabitants of other planets are lies spread on the net.
Boriska, indigo children boy from Mars, predicts mammoth catastrophes in 2009

Nibiru collision

Perhaps the episode of Boriska is one of the disinformation acts by 'They, linking a ‘Ascension’ fantasy. In some Japanese sites, had many similar disclosures rendered, everything is a fraud. Needless to say, you don’t believe it.

This boy Boriska mentions that there will be big change from 2009 to 2013, this fact will happen really soon, because 'They' cause the disaster, which a part of the human evolution event also, as it was disclosed in the posts of this blog.

Although I was born that I don’t fit into the Indigo’s age range (I have 61-year-old), I have some similar its characteristics since my birth.

Especially, I’ve been have strong suspicion about common sense in general, authoritative, influential mass media, school education and so on., exactly, my perception are needed to unravel real historical puzzles, and get recognition of problems in political and social.

Soon after, I was convinced that my intuition is correct, because when I put a some posts on the Japanese blog, suggesting the indigo children should be new human and, there was no bar of the hacker (Ummite), which means that this fact was true.

In this post, I put a text about Tom Cruise too, because the indigo children are sometimes mistaken for 'ADHD' (see below). Thus I thought the American actor Tom Cruise may be an indigo.
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Tom Cruise

However, he has ties to 'Scientology' (read below) and, after my research done on this religion, I determined that it have alleged connection of 'They'. So my intuition
 was more confident.

Then, what does it mean? I guess ‘they’ try to seduce Indigos, and manipulate them using the actor. An information says that the actors in Hollywood, for example, Matt Damon, Sam Worthington (Avatar), Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe (Gladiator) and so on., are used to give disinformation to people by 'They'. Furthermore ‘They’ might have to intend for exterminating them, if it was necessary. Moreover, there was another following episode in Japan, last year.

The wife of the former Japanese prime minister (controlled by 'They') Miyuki Hatoyama said that she is reincarnated from one person (Ummite denies existence of reincarnation) and Tom Cruise was Japanese, and this person was known by her, in the past life. It’s really interesting isn’t it? This absurd statement in the TV interview would be a disinformation of 'They'.
Japan's new First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama: 'I Went to Venus in a UFO'

Well, I'm thinking that if I kicked (estimate) percentage of the Indigos and Crystals children (new human) in the total world's population, which percent the new human would occupied now? If we have 20-30% of young people in the world population and 30% in young Indigos occupying, we would have 6-9% of indigo, or rather new humans.

I believe these numbers are not so small. We may have a significant force for changing the current situation. Well, more detail on this subject will be discussed in later posts. 

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