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Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?

Have you read the story below in April? This Indian, Prahlad Jani's claiming must be impossible, living a long time without eating and drinking. Well, since I started experimenting 'Sungazing' four years ago, I have interested about this Indian
Indian Yogi Lives Without Food and Water for Over 70 Years

Prahlad Jani (Mataji) over 65 Years Long Fast Part 1

If still you didn’t know about 'Sungazing', read below. So even if there was a damaging risk of my eyes, I have tried looking at the sun directory, but cautiously in 2006, because of health reason (not for living without food).

My immune system could be intensified and could have health improvement, if this experience had really effects as Hira Ratan’s arguing. Thus I thought that it's worth a try with a little bit risk. Then finally, I can directly look at the sun for more or less an hour during over nine months, as he guides on his site (read below). This result of the experiment was already posted on my Japanese blog.
Solar Healing Center

However, another effect is more ambitious he guarantees also, which means that people can survive without eating. But even sometimes could lose my appetite, unfortunately, I didn’t live without eating. Yet I felt that there are relative effects.

According to the survey below was done in 2004, although this information is a bit old, I can say that the content of this research is reasonable, according to my experience. However, this research doesn’t cite that nobody is practicing survival without food.
The First Sungazing List Group Sungazer’s Survey

When I have time to research this subject, always scanning the net, whether or not somebody lives without eating food with evidence. But so far, it’s not successful, or I found a Japanese article, which shows the cases of a Russian and a Chinese woman who survives without eating, However, I could not find the original articles or, articles more reliable.

Well, now I’ll evaluate about Jani’s claiming. I believe that this Indian didn’t say true. Because here's an article about an episode of that organization ‘Indian Rationalist Association' (read below) was insisting on participating in the same test performed earlier in 2003.
Indian Rationalist Association

But this requiring was denied by Indian Ministry of Defense at this time, without revealing its reason. And this association has to investigate thoroughly any religious phenomena, superstitions, supernatural and so on, accused there was fraud in the test (read ‘Prahlad Jani (“Mataji”)' of ‘Inedia’ below).

Then, my conclusion is as follows. This test was done with old fraudulent due to imprint an illusion into people, like the fantasy of 'Ascension', and like believing of the devil, of Satan, the Lucifer, phantoms and so on ('They' love to show it to people) are just delusions.

Or as if religions (Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and evangelical sects), and gods, angels, fairies, ghosts and monsters that it has no foundation of Origin: majorities are legends, delusions, lies, hoax and fantasies by abundant imagination that current less evolved human brain generates them.

I can point out that these absurd delusions work to control and dominate 'Goyim' by 'They' through, for example, horror and supernatural phenomena movies, religious, demons and monsters from Hollywood, or media and video games. And 'They' put puzzles of the pyramid (famous symbol of the pyramid 'Illuminati') and the Mayan civilization in the fantasy of 'Ascension' to use too.

↑ Former symbol of the U.S. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects)

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