Sunday, July 25, 2010

Human evolution event also awakes unprecedented awareness of Ummite

I have described about the hacker (Ummite) in the previous posts (read 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite'). Recently, its hacker (Ummite) began to disturb my work again!

I was thinking that the hacker will help me, pointing translation errors from Portuguese to English, because I'm using 'Google Translate' for drafts of the posts, and after fixing them with the help of MS Word’s ‘Spelling and Grammar', it means have help of the hacker as well.

However, this shit hacker drags on my working down, trapping me to create confusion. So eventually, I got angry (of course) at him, and began to communicate with Ummite, writing a text (in Japanese) with criticizes, and saying that this shit dickens, weak head Ummite goes away!, and so on.

After that, I continued to write more or less as follows: Although Ummite is more evolved organism with intelligence than the human, as previously mentioned in the posts, whole Ummite should not have high dimension of consciousness, because the Ummo (the planet of Ummite) still has crime, according to the article in the book 'The letters from the alien Ummite'. Thus they should have stupid’s or naughty boys.

With my experience above, I suppose some members who are participating in this expedition for monitoring the human evolution event, would have such personality. The expedition team must have members with unusual character in society of Ummite.

Which means they would be tough guys, or would be warriors on the planet UMMO, maybe they are almost extinct because of the evolution (read 'Why intervention of Ummite practically impossible'). Ummite should choose this kind of guys, even though their temper is 'exotic' on the planet UMMO, but they are adequate to cope with the chaos here on the planet Earth.

The first expedition team members landed on the Earth would actually be elites, but now, we're almost in the eve of the event, any level of Ummite was sent. However, I don’t want this kind of facing Ummite controls me.

Well, after this episode, an idea came to my mind. This one must be from Ummite via telepathy. When mentioning the intervention intention of Ummite in the posting revealed it, I quoted Ummite came here to the Earth by order of the will of 'That world' without making clear explanation (reed 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite'), but this quote might have a point.

Unlike what I thought, Ummite doesn’t have high dimension of consciousness, because Ummite has tried to contact the human and has passed his advanced technologies to the human, and finally, has tried to mediate the cold war and conflicts between super potentials countries, even through such conflicts are caused by the will of the 'That world' as one of parts of the human evolution event. Ummite would have realized it, if he had had the consciousness.

That's not to say favor or kindness of Ummite. It may say an act of arrogant of Ummite. This thing is like a relationship between primitive peoples and civilized peoples of the Earth.

Arrogance of civilized human has practiced unprecedented barbarities. We can mention such acts in the human history, are occurring on native Brazil, on the USA, on Oceania and Africa. It resulted in great human tragedy and massacre (read 'The biggest fraudster in the human history is religion').

It means that the consciousness of Ummite even was not so high than I’ve been imagining. On this occasion, more coherent explanation is that the will of the ‘That world’ of Ummite has tested his consciousness, giving a meeting opportunity with the human, on the evolution phase.

Unfortunately, though Ummite failed its test. The detail of this episode was mentioned in the post 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite'.

Despite this failure, he still has a chance to resolve. It seems to me that for completing this test given by the ‘That world’, now Ummite have to take the entire human extinction’s danger out. Monitor and end the human evolution event, preserving the new human, would be the most important event for Ummite,

Without passing this test, Ummite could not acquire higher dimension of consciousness, or rather couldn’t obtain essential basic condition for the second evolution stage of Ummite. This fact is much more serious for Ummite than the revelations in the post ‘True reason for the intervention of Ummite’.

In this post, I have argued that the reason for the intervention is to save own honor of Ummite, which to be commented by other aliens in the universe and, to study human evolution, as an opportunity that Ummite could find it rarely.

However, according to information that Ummite handed me in this time, it’s not so important. The real reason was exactly the fact written above. Anyway, Ummite would have to solve this problem at any cost.

Well, my readers. Ummite wished to reveal in my blog such information disclosed above, passing it to me with the fucking way. Even so, I wish Ummite must use other way, more smooth and pleasant to disclose it, but in reality, there's no way to escape from this alien's ugly process.

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