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How did Ummite discover 'Life after death' and 'Network of the soul' -2

Continuation of 'How Ummite discovered “Life after death” and “Network of the soul”’

This great discovery was the function of a part of the krypton atoms. The quantum leaps of theses atoms calculated, occurring earlier than a human intentional action, functions as a receiver. And other same atoms, but the leaps occur after the action, acts as a transmitter. Moreover, involvement of many helium atoms was also discovered.

The 'images' of events in neurons, acquired through the five sense organs that are connected neurons, and images memorized, and etc., might find in a neuron networking. In this area, the quantum state of helium atoms in free, which connected in the network, is changed by chemical reaction, generating heat.

Then a signal generation occurs like Morse code (digital signals?) and it triggers the helium, which acts as receiver. Therefore electron orbital resonance between the helium atom and krypton atom occurs. After that, the received codes from the krypton will be translated due to a consciousness understand the events.

Then still unknown organ neural transform the impulse neural by a mechanism like a thermocouple, and this is logically arranged in a network Neuron. These organs are positioned in the wrinkle of the right and left frontal lobes.
Human brain

Researchers of Ummite come to know something more important after the above discovery. This is beginning to discover the existence of 'Life after death' in the twin universes.

The krypton atoms are found beneath the hypothalamus, which function is unusual, because it works for all Ummite synchronized. Even if you own unconsciousness prevents act them, or better, although the third person, has nothing to do with the its information receive, no wish to receive.

It means that every Ummite receives the same information or even it’s an order, and forward same type of information. This is exactly the communication by telepathy. And the interesting thing is that everyone should receive equal signs, even receive it without conscience, or whether receives it with individual intention. This type of message is saved in a human memory, however, not so easy to its access.

It could be achieved only in situations of sleep, down from general anesthesia, catalepsy (read below), and so on. It means it occurs under unconsciousness state. And finally, a death happens in instant that the krypton atoms actions of an individual collapse.

However, awareness of death will not be extinct. These will be incorporated into the ‘Mental neurons of deaths’ (see drawing above) of the ‘Life after death’ in the twin universe.

Read the original texts of the letters from Ummite also. However these texts are included different information, comparing it in this post because of different source of the information.
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