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How did Ummite discover 'That world' and 'Network of the soul'? – The principle of telepathy

This post is revised in Feb 2018

I suppose you have an interest that how Ummite discovered the existence of 'That world' (‘Life after death’) in the twin universes (read Who Controls the human evolution?). The older version’s book 'The letters from the alien Ummite' explains this issue and I had saved a draft summary at the time.

I believe that disclosure of scientific theory of the mechanism of 'telepathy' and existence of 'That world' is very important to prove the existence of aliens.

Ummite says an experimental subject (person) was a girl with 15-year-old. She killed her sister by electric shock and any her right was extinguished because of this crime. To perform the experiment, researchers leave her functioning nerves, physical activity and, awareness in order with minimum partial anesthesia. After that, her brain was deeply researched, neuron by neuron and atom by atom, inserting a probe into her brain.

When its analysis reached to the hypothalamus (read below), the existence of the rare gas, namely, krypton atoms were discovered in the space of the third ventricle (read below) in the brain. With this discovered, the researchers thought that 'atomic electron transition (quantum leap)' (read below) of the krypton atoms might occur and, there might be energy exchange between neighboring atoms for it. After its studying, they confirmed such speculations.

Third ventricle

Atomic electron transition

According to the physical theory, 'Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle' (read below), it should occur randomly, however, it didn’t. The electrons of the krypton atoms in the hypothalamus move synchronized and, there was obvious synchronization with a brain’s pulse wave that the girl generated.
Uncertainty Principle

Soon after this confirmation, the researchers' understanding was that its coded movements came from an influence of nerve impulse of the brain. But after that, they proved that this ‘atomic electron transition’, which is perfectly synchronized, in fact, anticipated about one microsecond than a conscious activity of Ummite. This means its electron movements of the krypton atom are ordering activities of Ummite.

Moreover, this phenomenon occurs only for organisms with intelligence, but about other animals, any code or any principle wasn’t detected, except movements are subordinate to common probabilistic functional of all atoms of nature. The researchers could not find out a similar phenomenon for animals.

After this long research, finally, Ummite discovered that a part of the krypton atoms acts as a receiver. It means that they detected controlled ‘atomic electron transitions’, which occurs before a conscious action, has a function as a receiver. Moreover, they discovered not only exact role of the rare gas (krypton atoms) in the cerebral cortex. but discovered also, for example, millions of helium atoms are involved in this phenomenon.

All images made from outside world information, which are caught by the sensory system connected to neurons, such as visual system, auditory system, olfactory system etc., all its images and mind development information are found in the neuron networking. In there, quantum status in the network of free electron of helium atoms changes, radiating its heat by chemical heat reaction. This means that a kind of digital signal occurs and it’s transmitted to helium atoms.

Then resonance phenomenon between electrons in orbit of helium atoms and electrons in orbit of krypton atoms occurs and, codes (digital signals) received by its krypton atoms transform different codes that person’ soul could understand it. From there, a certain nervous system that the human still does not discover [Note] works like a thermocouple (read below) and, the codes become arranged and inducted nerve impulse (read below) by a neuron (read below) network. This nervous system is in the motor cortex of the frontal lobe (read below).

Nerve impulse

Frontal lobe


Note: This article is about the brain of Ummite. The structure of the brain of Ummite must be different from the human brain. Thus such system wouldn’t exist in the human brain.

After that, Ummite discovered that krypton atoms in the hypothalamus work different from the other krypton atoms. It means that these atoms synchronize against every Ummite. In other words, all Ummite receive or transmit same information (signals).

No matter how far apart two persons of Ummite, They receive its information (messages) at the same time and transmit at the same time. It’s really communication of telepathy. Even if some mechanism works to interfere it, i.e. even if an outsider jams its communication, the messages (signals) are received without problem.

In addition, I’m a new human who has telepathy ability but only for receiving so far, so I receive information from Ummite through telepathy. Telepathy is not used only by persons of same evolved species (organisms with intelligence), but it’s used also by persons of different species (aliens). Moreover, messages (orders) such as all Ummite receive at the same time come from ‘That world’. Even if Ummite doesn’t communicate consciously through telepathy, all Ummite receive the messages from ‘That world’ at the same time.

Well, this article must be hard to believe for you. By the way, recently, I found a very interesting article related to this theory. Its book is ‘Mind Time'. The author is a scientist Benjamin Libet in the field of human consciousness.

He wrote this book claiming the human own conscious is not working on the activity, or rather, he found that our perception takes 0.5 seconds after the event, even though our action occurs before it. onepage # v & q = & f = false
Mind Time (the temporal factor in consciousness)

In the chapter ‘3 UNCONSCIOUS AND CONSCIOUS MENTAL FUNCTIONS’ of the page above explains that after appearing a child in front of a car, the driver slams on the brakes (after 0.15 seconds) before being convinced a danger ahead (0.5 seconds after). It means that human action occurs (before 0.35 seconds) unconsciously, it’s not by the intention itself.

In future, if our scientists could discover krypton atoms in the space of the third ventricle of the human brain, it would be an important evidence to prove this theory of Ummite.
Brain Scanners Can See Your Decision Before You Make Them

Returning to the topic, a kind of these messages is stored in the memory, but it’s not easy to access them because it’s unconscious. It could be accessed only during, for example, sleep, general anesthesia or catalepsy (read below).

So finally, a death occurs in instant as a result of collapses of the network of the krypton atoms. However, soul image of Ummite (organism with intelligence) died exists being incorporated in the huge soul neuron (Network of the soul) of ‘That world’. See the image below.

Read the original texts of the letters from Ummite also. However, these texts are included different information, comparing it in this post because of the different source of the information.
Uncertainty and free will

The global collective soul

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