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UFO Technology of Ummite -8

Continuationof ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -7’

Ok, next question is how to travel between stars by the ship. For understanding it, we need to know ‘twin universe’ with 10 dimensions (see figure “Concept of the ‘Twin Universe'of the post), which mines that our understanding of the universe is not correct. Then read the following theory.

There is not only unique our universe, but also multitude twin universe. The duality also exists within the cosmological genesis. The difference of two elements A and B of each pair is based on the fact that their atomic structures differ in the sign or electric sign charge

a) Atoms in the twin universe are different from each other. Our other universe’s atoms have positive electrons (positrons) and anti-protons.

b) The twin universe never meet and contact. It’s nonsense to think, which can meet them, because of no dimensional relationship between tem. Therefore, it’s no significant to say many light years separate them, or that they exist simultaneous in time.

c) The twin universe has the same mass and the same radiation corresponding to a hyper sphere of negative curvature.

d) However, the twin universe has obvious individual (within our twin universe doesn’t exist the same number of galaxies and doesn’t have the same structure). So you don’t imagine another twin UMMO and twin Earth in another universe. This is ultimate conclusion, and it’s not hypothetical.

e) The twin universe was created simultaneously, but its time arrow should not be considered in the same direction. It’s not logical to say this universe coexists with our time, or that existed before or will exist after. It should just say it exists, not NOW, BEFORE or AFTER. However, it will coexist or will be equal to ours with evolution advance.

Petit explains the procedure to shift to our other universe in the book, but it’s only a few ideas because it’s not yet complete theory. To answer the question "How could we go to the twin universe?" Then he said another idea that the physicist and director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Clancy presented.

This idea is that the ship would do ‘Warp Drive', using gamma laser beam radiation, to open 'Super space' with high energy but not to destroy the atomic nucleus. Then enter another world through 'Super space' opened. See drawings below.

The ship releases a gas, making a cloud, which is high contracted by gamma laser beam radiation for changing it to antimatter. Thus the ship covered with barrier of the antimatter could enter in another universe automatically (the antimatter just may exist with stability in another universe).

It would cause a minor burst (read below) that some UFO witnesses is mentioning as a phenomenon occurred, when UFO disappear.
Gamma-ray burst

Mention above can explain why black hole does not exist in our universe as well. Because when a star enters into collapse stage (read below), a mass, which was a star begin to shrink and eventually, it will have infinite density. Well, our physicists can not explain properly what happened after that.
Black hole

The figures above to explain ‘Warp Drive’ is incorrect because the UFO doesn’t use such gamma laser beam radiation to warp into the inverted other universe, in fact, it uses high-potential magnet field (read ‘"God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’). Incidentally, untold ‘other twin universe’ in the figure should be the conceptual figure in the post, ‘What does “untold universe” mean?’. (Added on April 30, 2014)

It doesn’t mean the birth of black hole, it means that the shrink star mass becomes antimatter by high pressure contraction. Then a displacement of the mass occurs between the twin universes with the gamma-ray burst.

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