Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caution! About false whistle-blowers

I’ve quoted about false whistle-blowers such as David Icke and Alex Jones who performs drumbeaters of ‘They’ (read ‘The physicist Jean-Pierre Petit surrendered to “They”’). And last year, I’ve posted some articles, which have pointed many Japanese blogs and sites, which manipulate information for ‘They’ (most them would be subcontractors of ‘They’) on my Japanese blog.

In the internet, actually there are much many disinformations regardless of languages, and imprinting or mind control information of ‘They’. It really would have difficulty to distinguish whether truth (without intention to deceive us) or not, because it contains ‘Divide and rule’ technique.
Divide and rule

They practice strong criticize or whistle-blowers, or exposures with indictment document and etc. against social chaos situation and conspiracy by ‘They’. However, even such information has really precious one for us, it would include very dangers information also for us. To understand it, you need to know little bit puzzling technique of ‘They’.

For example, the contents of the site below have appearing coherent argument (actually, I can agree with most these articles of the site), you shouldn’t believe this site would be reliable one. Such sites or blogs could have been no longer be on the net, if it wouldn't be controlled by ‘They’.
Chapter V - Aliens & Other Dimensions

It seems that this site’s articles deny any current society, politic, religious, philosophy, spiritualism, New Age movement and so on, as well as I have been argued it, and I appealed that people should awake from its illusions in my blog.
This website’s Spirit

However, unfortunately, this site must be controlled by ‘They’, although it seems to refuse religious, New Age and etc. Because ‘They’ could deceive ‘Goyim’ (people) easier along with denying such things that ‘They’ have created themselves. I can point a lot of disinformation perpetrator, who perform same things.

Right now, some Japanese disinformation or info manipulation websites of ‘They’ accuse other (each other) its sites, which have been implemented imprinting delirious of ‘Ascension’, ‘HAARP’ (this one was paper tiger or scare story, means no effects that sites of ‘they’ propagate) and so on. I could say it’s a kind of ‘Divide and rule’.

And this ‘whistle-blower’ tells that his own site or blog, has been accessed by the U.S. military intelligence or by kind of CIA (of cause, it’s a hoax), and for taking care to avoid such spy job, he recommended to install the free access analyzing soft. I believe its soft must be with spy virus trap. I would be watched by an intelligence organ of ‘They’, if I'd install it without such recognition.

Ok, back to before, if you'd submit your private data to the website above (this ‘Salvation of’ site may have many links for traps also), you might be checked about your behavior, and be under watch by an organ of ‘They’. Well, don’t you believe this caution?

Most recently, the big stir of the Wikileaks release occurred. Then U.S. government condemns it strongly. I believe who planned and brought this leak into practice, was ‘They’ too. It must be planned and performed by the U.S. government like the September 11 attack.
Wikileaks releases classified Afghanistan war logs: "largest intelligence leak in history"

Edit: About above issue, let me attach reference information below (August 14, 2010).
Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of “Secret” Documents?

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