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The biggest fraudster in human history is religion -2

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Are you still convinced the above fact? Ok, let me quote one more fraud in the Vatican. One of the relics of the Catholic Church is the saint’s body. There is the famous miraculous spring and incorrupt body (this is not true) to Bernadette at Lourdes in southern France. However, such episode isn’t correct.
Bernadette Soubirous

Information on the Japanese website ('Spring of Lourdes' below) says that in fact, Bernadette never said the water is 'miraculous spring' and never looked 'Virgin Mary'. That was her illusion deliberately interpreted by the population and church in the town of Lourdes. Her image was exploited by the people of Lourdes. I could even say she was a victim of the people’s greed.
Spring of Lourdes (in Japanese)

According to this article, the healing of patients through the water at Lourdes are doubtful. Since 1862, 6700 people declared healed by the water, however, only 66 known cases (two cases per year) were recognized as miracles by the Church.

With current rigorous evaluation in medicine, this number dropped to only one case per 10 years, or rather one case per 50 million visitors. In any event, only four cases 'miracles' reported in 1960-2000.

In 1957, British psychologist D. J. West (former researcher of 'Society for Psychical Research') has evaluated 11 cases of 'miracles' in the decade from 1930 to 1940. After that, he concluded that it cannot say miracles.
Society for Psychical Research
Have you never saw the fountain’s photo with crutches (watch video below) left by the cured patients thanks to the water? The article says that these are not left by former patients. It’s due to tourism demonstration, which means that is a lie.

True History of Lourdes & St Bernadette Excerpt 3
Brazil and other world also have many tourism attractions (shrines and sanctuary) of various religious faiths. For fraudsters, such religion is a big business isn’t it?

I found a Brazilian episode below as a sample for Portuguese blog (sorry, I don't translate it because this might not be as sophisticated fraud to show here as an example, so that it maybe a poor quality joke). So you’d better always remember that the Vatican is an important part of 'They'.
Milagre: Nossa Senhora Aparecida cura bispo Sérgio Von Helder da IURD - Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus? (in Portuguese)

Adding here, I’ll talk about Brazilian TV stations slapstick fight between Globo and Record (its owner is Universal Church of the Kingdom of God). This conflict is superficial. In fact, this one should be by 'divide and rule' technique of 'They' (read '"They" have been controlled the world for 200 year').

An important propaganda organ of 'They', Hollywood produces religious films and relationship films of religion, for example, 'The Ten Commandments',' Ben Hur', 'The King of Kings', 'Angels and Demons', '2012' and many movies about Christ, for imprinting legends in the Bible to be a fact.

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