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The biggest fraudster in human history is religion

Continuation of ‘Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?’

After I became convinced of the fact written in the previous post, my perception about religion has totally changed. It means I no longer have forced religious respect.

I can criticize it openly here, without the worry of chastisement of gods, angels, demons and so on. Because they simply do not exist, except in the imprinted imagination in the current less evolved human brain.

Since the death of Jesus Christ for over 2000 years, the Christian founded church that Christ never suggested, and it became the Vatican with great political influence and culture in the world.

With many ancient unfounded legends, the Catholic Church has faked the Bible of fantasy. However, it was not for human salvation, it just worked to exploit and control people. In the end, it served as a tool to control your mind and dominate people by rulers, who eliminated Jesus Christ (read 'What Jesus Christ taught the human?').
Roman Catholic Church History

As you already know, since Christian invaded new continents in the ‘Age of Discovery’ (read below) in the 15th century and invaded Asian countries also, they have mass-killed millions of native people (Indians), exploited and enslaved natives. Previously, missionaries from churches practicing Catholic missions to spy on them and force conversion to Catholicism in the New World and Asia.
Age of Discovery

In Japan, a theory of history says who brought first flintlock rifle was a Jesuit Portuguese in 1542, according to the Society of Jesus. And these Jesuits tried to exploit and dominate in this period in Japan.
Society of Jesus

After that, this intention of the Jesuit was assumed by 'They', resulting Japanese proud revolution 'Meiji Restoration' (read below), however, it has been manipulated and controlled by 'They' (the Russian revolutions were caused by 'They' also). And finally, Japan has been under control of 'They', causing a part of the World War II (read '"Agenda" of "They" -2').
Meiji Restoration

People can find out more similar information of the Catholic churches that practiced in human history. So is religion resolved some significant things good for the human? I don’t think so. This human disaster (religion) has created more problems than resolutions.

Gods are wildcards saviors for all. Soldiers in battlefields pray for killing enemies (does Christ teach that?). Even criminals, fraudsters and corrupts pray. It seems like the gods are even willing to let the world into chaos.

The role of Pope John Paul II in a corrupt Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church Corruption

I'm not just talking about the pedophilia by religious. The miracles that the Vatican propagates to the world are not true miracles. Some miraculous cures are thanks to the own immune system as a natural cure, due to the strong faithful belief.

These cures are psychological, it’s never by God. Even though there is research, which claims religion deserves help and cure diseases (read below). Did you know? Why placebo test is required before release of drugs? It’s necessary because of undeniable psychological effect. For example, Lurdes case in the translated article below. The mother's daughter, Lurdes prayed for her cure, and this mother think God answered via the direct channel.

“The numbers that science requires both to be convinced not yet explain, on average, 8 % of terminal patients that progress to cure” says Ana Cristina. The doctors have given Julia a few hours of life, due to five months of premature birth.

The mother Lurdes Lopes spent an entire day kneeling, praying that her daughter survived. Today, the girl now walks with the eighth anniversary. Lurdes says "I've never been religious, but my impulse was to play, when doctors’ hope was finished. I felt I had a direct channel to God”.

She learned to pray that night. Alexander says "The major focus of research is proving that the praying for another gives much positive effects as well as praying for oneself”. Lurdes already convinced by the laughter of Julia.

Ciência admite: espiritualidade ajuda na cura de doenças (in Portuguese)

I think this episode should have a special purpose, at least to impress innocent readers, even it occurred with pure coincidence. The survival of the patient in this case is not so unusual, whether or not her pray. The explanation of the absurd mother’s delusions is very easy.

A very religious with much faith as you (Lurdes is not religious), would have the same experience, but different result would occur if it happened. Even though you prayed as a true believer to cure your loving child, however, unfortunately she died. This case should be almost people’s experience.

When Pope John Paul II died, the faithful around the world prayed for dear papa, but in this case, God did not respond and he died at 84-year-old. Without doubt, pray for someone else does not influence anyone’s situation.

In fact, praying for someone only works to calm and satisfy (or rather, justify love for someone?) oneself. Only it would take effect in very rare case if people prayed oneself. A lot of philanthropies religious work to satisfy believers, diverting their attention and hide fraud. Of course, it works for making money also.
Would I Ever Pray for a Miracle?

But the above fact does not justify its existence, because religion has a too negative side. There are many lies and miracles hoax too. That is, for example, a relic, the Shroud of Turin (read 'What Jesus Christ taught the human?') and the Virgin Mary of Traunstein.

Anyway, it's so easy to deceive people than you think, as the case of Indian Prahlad Jani, because government officials and mass media very influential are his behind, I mean all collaborators to blow this kind of miraculous thing.

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