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Plasma weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power -5

Continuation of 'Plasma weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power -4’

Now, you will know about most dangerous thing that the human never had before. It’s the antimatter bomb loaded in the module. See drawing below.

As the movie 'Angels & Demons' showed, antimatter is very sensitive as if it pure nitroglycerin. The glass cylinder to store antimatter, which appeared in the film, is magnetic pot. With the magnetic field, generated by superconducting solenoid and electrodes, could keep it in stable condition.

If an accident occurred during its transport, it would be a great tragedy. So antimatter might be synthesized at the last moment, when the bomb entered in the atmosphere, in a bar of Jupiter’s atmospheric pressure.

This material might be a compound of lithium and (isotopes of?) hydrogen, and for detonating it, might be used a microgram (must be wrong value) of antimatter. However, there are many contradictions and misunderstandings problem of the translated text in the book, for example, there is ‘?’ (Is the ‘Aluminum ring’ of the electromagnetic gun shown in the previous post?) in the drawing above that I cannot explain it.

Well, these bombs have differences each other, for example, ‘K’ module projects X-rays in the atmosphere of the Jupiter before the collision. And Petit quotes on thermal protection of sub-module of the spacecraft ‘Galileo’, which entered Jupiter's atmosphere with speeds 50-60 km/s.

However, the bomb has no such protection because it had the plasma barrier, you already know (see ‘Electrodes on the surface of the bomb’ and ‘Superconducting coil solenoid’, and read ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2 ' too). See the drawing below. The bomb has electrodes on the conical surface. There is ‘HF needle’ in the drawing, but I have no certain ideal of its function because of bad translation. It may be that this piece would be used something for generating plasma or x-rays.

Curious thing written in the book are the dates. The famous 'Apollo 11' was launched on July 16, 1969, and lunar module landing was July 20, 1969. And it left the moon's surface on July 21.
Apollo 11

Ok, let's check the dates of the false comet ‘SL9’. First collision occurred on July 16, 1994 and the bombing continued until July 22. Do you think it's a coincidence? And there was other giant collision on the Jupiter in July, 2009, on the anniversary of the Apollo 11. Happy birthday to Apollo 11!
Hubble capture rare Jupiter collision

Petit said the spacecraft ‘Galileo’ committed suicide causing giant spot in 2003 too. Then was the third collision of the last year (2009) a celebration for 40th anniversary? And he warned of possibilities of accident due to antimatter explosion at the rockets with antimatter launching failure.

He highlighted information on Io and Europa, satellites of the Jupiter, disappeared during the spacecraft ‘Galileo' passed nearby them. Were there giant accident?

In the end of this episode, there is a disclosure about alleged a distraction of evidence. Who discovered and alleged a strange behavior of the comet, Shoemaker died in a car accident, three years after the discovery.

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