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Plasma weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power -4

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Going back to the comet 'SL9', the space cargo ship uses ion thruster, ejecting cerium isotopes gas worked by antimatter energy. And its speed could reach 100 km/s (10 times of conventional ratchet speed), depending on its load.

Moreover, this thruster system has been developed in the 1970s, in 'Sandia National Laboratories' in New Mexico, and this system was used to send bombs to the Sun too (read '3').
Sandia National Laboratories

As it has already been written, the cargo ships were launched individually, depending on time and place, reached the orbit of the Jupiter and drop the modules separately. So finally, it was discovered as a comet 'SL9' on March 24, 1993.

However, before its discovered, there was no record of this fact, to say that despite long distance of 700 million km, eight months of existence and comet destruction would generate dusty cloud normally, no one noticed it. The 'comet' had not yet been ready to be discovered in this period.

Petit broke down more or less about cargo ship thruster power, means a comparison between the cargo ship and spacecraft 'Voyager 1', which reached the closest point of the Jupiter in 1979.

Duration of Voyager’s travel with 800 kg in weight was 18 months to get it, but the space cargo ship with 15 to 30 tons spent only 15 months, including time for deceleration. Its difference was really big.
Voyager 1

Then, the modules found 700 million km from the planet Earth, forming a queue of them by using the reaction control system of the module, and showed a 'Carnival parade', it mines that its brightness (see photo of ‘Comet “Shoemaker-Levy 9”’ of ‘Antimatter weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power’), which barium-lithium mixture ionized by solar radius generates, as if it were fragmented comet with a few kilometers in size each. See the drawing below.

The translation here of the book is bad. So, let me kick (by imagining) about explanations around here. First, the module generates a magnetic field with a one kilometer of diameter maxim as the drawing above shows, by the superconducting coil solenoid of the module. After releasing the barium-lithium mixture, it remains in the magnetic field as a cloud and ionized by the solar plasma.

Its phenomenon is similar to Earth's polar auroras (see drawing the below), which means that luminescence occurs when particles in the atmosphere shock with solar wind (plasma) particles.

The plasma particle has the feature to move along with the terrestrial magnetism line. Exactly, the barium-lithium mixture cloud has a function of the atmosphere. So the luminescences in the photo look like artificial. Don’t you think so?
Aurora (astronomy)

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