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Plasma weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power -3

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The U.S. began the project ‘AMPTE (Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorer)', although this project violated the ‘Outer Space Treaty’ treatment below and started to launch Delta rocket on August 16, 1984.
Outer Space Treaty
Delta (rocket family)

The U.S. researched effects to each other between the solar wind and the Earth's magnetic field (read below) with these launches, making clouds of barium and lithium in space. And the article says that Germany and Britain also have participated in this study.
Solar wind
Earth's magnetic field

Purpose of the research was to study the effects of barium mixed with lithium to ionize the cloud of antimatter bomb modules, which camouflage their appearance as if a comet.

Who discovered the comet ‘SL9’, Shoemaker said that he discovered this strange thing eventually, and thought this one was a comet, but he never seen before this type of comet.

So finally you will know about following episode of strange ‘comet’. Comets had a Camembert cheese box style. Joining the Camembert boxes, or better, antimatter bomb module, the U.S. put it in the Space Shuttle and would carry it to orbit of the Jupiter.

Camembert cheese

The Space Shuttle put the 24 antimatter bomb modules 24 in Earth orbit during three years since 1989. That would be six missions by Columbia on August 8, 1989, by Discovery on November 12, 1989, by Atlantis on February 28, 1990, by Atlantis on November 15, 1990, by Discovery on April 28, 1991 and by Atlantis on November 24 1991. See 'Fleet History' of 'Space Shuttle' bellow. These missions aren’t described.
Space Shuttle

Sizes of cargo ships were different. Its 4 of 6 loaded 3 modules and larger one would take six modules. The minors were designed to adapt 'Titan IV' also, when the Space Shuttle was not available. And Petit talks about 'Galileo project'. This project was born in 1973. ( rocket family)
Galileo ( spacecraft )

Then the spacecraft Galileo arrived at Jupiter in 1995 and involved in this episode of antimatter bomb, watching the explosions. However, before that, the U.S. already tested 16 bombs with name ‘Sol wind’ and ‘SM-M’, carrying it to the Sun (place is easier to camouflage than the Jupiter) in 1979 to 1989, it were camouflaged as if 'Kreutz Sungrazers' comets.
Kreutz Sungrazers

After the collision with the Sun, just shine of the solar corona was detected by a spacecraft (Magellan?), few hours later.
Magellan probe

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