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Plasma weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power -2

Continuation of 'Plasma weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power’

I have hoax allegation about the following episode whether or not really occurred.

Now you should know about interesting history of secret military technology, before continuing the episode of the comet. After the explosions of the atomic bombs in Japan, there was 'DPS 32 (Defense Support Program)’ of the U.S. and electromagnetic gun project of Soviet Union that the physicist Andrei Sakharov (read ‘Irresponsible and unjustifiable attitude of the physical scientist Jean-Pierre Petit’) involved it in 1952.
Defense Support Program

See the drawing below. This gun mechanism is the following: the explosion in the gun bottom by 15 kg of the gunpowder (it can also explode in the vacuum) and 100 teslas of magnetic field generated by the solenoid produce high pressure (25 million of atmospheric pressure) and accelerated gas. This procedure is practically same of the MHD accelerator (however, the Soviet Union had no superconductor). Refer ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -3' for MHD accelerator information.

And its high temperature gas transforms 2 g (this number must be wrong) of the aluminum ring in the gun muzzle to the plasma gas as a circle of ammunition. And shoot it with speed of 50 km/s (might be 100 km/s) to a target.

Using this gun, Russian military (the U.S. too?) tried to destroy the artificial satellites. Well, this weapon is much better than Chinese one, has execute satellite destruction by using a suicide satellite in 2007.
Anti-satellite weapon

But the U.S. had the technological advantage over the Soviet Union and China because it was already available the plasma technology, which dissolves the atoms to particles, and the superconductor.

And test of 'plasma gun' that generated energy of 104 kilotons of TNT and made a crater 390 m of diameter and 100 m of depth. This test executed in 1962 was called 'Project Sedan'. The U.S. obtained antimatter at this time (I doubt this episode whether truth or not. Antimatter testing never might have been realized on the Earth).
Sedan (nuclear test)

The other day, President Obama treated new nuclear policy with major countries, however, practically, atomic bombs are of no significance for the U.S. because of the existence of the antimatter weapon. Shit puppet Obama deceived us again. There are threats of the countries? Which threats? Undoubtedly, Iran and North Korea are in the control of 'They' also.

In the book, Petit tells an episode of G8 (Group of Seven and Russia) in Moscow in the 1980s. However, before saying it, this book translated into Japanese has many mistake and incorrect translations, especially technical articles. If I didn’t get assistances from Ummite via telepathy, I couldn’t write properly. Because it has no correct date and place in this episode, for example, in the 80s, there wasn’t the G8 in Moscow.

Well, on this occasion, Ummite tried to stop paranoia nuclear threaten dispute at the time, making contact with Mikhail Gorbachev. Then his colleague, U.S. President Ronald Reagan was afraid of alien invasion, according to the Darwin Porter's book.
'Reagan afraid of inversion by aliens'

And its article says Gorbachev admitted that between the U.S. and the Soviet Union had a treat when happen alien invasion. It’s really interesting huh? Anyway, there was nuclear arms reduction.

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