Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are aliens predatory?

In April of this year, Rede Globo TV station in Brazil reported in the news that the famous physicist Hawking of the black hole, it’s inexistence according to the theory of Ummite (Read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -8'), alleged that there is great risk of any alien be a predator or at least, be exploiter.

Upon hearing this statement, I ridiculed him because I thought as a possible physical is controlled by 'They' (read 'UFO Technoloy of Ummite -9'). Hawking is a scientist of 'They' to practice disinformation. The fact is he said, is not true. I found his original statement, so read it below.
Stephen Hawking: Alien Contact Could Be Risky
Already I have argued in the '"Indigo" is the new human' post, about the fantasy history of the planet Nibiru, the extraterrestrial Anunnaki invaded the Earth and has explored a gold for solving ecological system problem of the Nibiru. This is a disinformation of 'They'.

Well, in the book, Ummite admits he has a very useful advanced technology to produce anything on the level of atoms, for example, gold, rare materials, and proteins and so on, if there are samples to copy them, by using simple and common materials, which are water, oxygen and sand and so on.

Any organisms with intelligence much evolved, who has a way to travel between stars, would have the same technology. I think we can develop it in future, to pass the evolution stage.

So still do you think the aliens need to explore mines in planets with other inhabitants? Then, How about energy? Ummite already has antimatter, which means he doesn’t need other kind of energy source, such as human might imagine.

Are we feed for predator (cannibalism) and human organs for transplanting? No way. I guess you already know that a meat diet is bad for man. There is lot of synthetic substituted things here on the Earth. And people cannot forget Tom Cruise suffered absurd attack of extraterrestrial (read '"Indigo "is the new human').

Hawking’s argument is poor as a scientist with good vision, and a nonsense. He's not a genius, just stupid for me. His reputation must be created by the media controlled by 'They'.

I guess Hawking is practicing a part of 'Project Blue Beam'. Actually, ‘They' love to show us this kind of terror, ever since Orson Welles tried to terror in the population in 1938 (Read 'The War of the Worlds (radio)’ below).
The War of the Worlds (radio)

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