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Who controls the human evolution?

Continuation of 'Letters from the alien Ummite'

The book, 'The Letters from the alien Ummite' contains an article on the evolution of organisms with intelligence. According to the theory of Ummite, in our '10 dimensions and 'twin universes' (read 'Technology of the UFO of Ummite -8'), there is individual 'Network of the soul' that all organisms with intelligence have. And the 'Network of the soul' is with the ‘will’ of ‘That world’ (Read ‘How Ummite discovered “That world” and “Network of the soul”’).

So this ‘will’ controls human evolution on the planet Earth. Naturally, there is same kind of 'Network of the soul' for any organism with intelligence living own planet as well. And it contradicts the theory of evolution with natural selection by Darwin, automatically because human evolution occurs purposely.
Charles Darwin

I believe that interpretation of the ‘will’ of ‘That world’ is depends on the person. It may be that more religious people think it: that is God. However, I do not think so. One of the most important reasons is the ‘time’. As we know, ‘time’ is a temporal dimension of four dimensions, but according to theory of Ummite, time is no meaning.

It indicates literally nobody knows the future of whole universes, so even God does not know the future. Unfortunately 'God knows' is wrong. And the creation of a time machine is impossible too. Anyway, this discussion is not important to disclose the fact.

Ummite alleges that most practices such as spirituality, occultism, sects, mysticism, spiritualism including prophecy, prophet, premonition, psychographics, reincarnation, paranormal, and etc. are frauds or illusions (or better say, delusion), which are created in the sub-evolved brain of current human. For example, like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Chico Xavier and Uri Geller.


Since all human or alien emerged they should have a capability of communication with the ‘will’ of 'That world'. Ummite says that he already has this capability that we have the custom of saying it telepathy.

Although current human has possibility getting this capacity too, it seems that it’s still not available for most of the human because it is not evolved enough level. It means that new human (evolved human) whose brain is different from us, can acquire as our successor.

In the book, Ummite tell that following interesting story in the letter sent to one of the contactees before Ummite began sending the letters, Ummite tried to communicate with humans via telepathy. It allows acquiring general human information. However, this failed because majority human telepathy still unavailable or poorly runs.

However, some people like Sesma (Read 'Letters from the alien Ummite'), already possessed. According to Ummite, within the human, the telepathy capabilities are gradually increasing because the evolution event comes.

According to own research of Ummite, Jesus Christ exactly had a perception of human’s 'Network of the soul' with the telepathy. He was a new man who was born prematurely (read 'What Jesus Christ taught the human?’). Additionally, Ummite tells that he found one more person (female) with such capacity in the ancient human history.

It seems to me that I also have this capacity even if it is weak, because I can write these articles without much difficulty, although the necessary information does not contain in the book or on the net. I’ve never received such information directly from Ummite. Probably, I'm getting it through telepathy.

Almost three years ago, I’ve got strange experiences, but it does not mean that I’ve had a direct contact with an alien (Ummite). Well, one day, I noticed that a hacker invaded my computer. It bothered me a lot.

This hacker was of like cyber intelligence, for example, CIA or 'Echelon' because of the content of my blog, although there was no new critical criticism (all used information was already on the net). After this occurrence, I stopped surfing Internet and decided to cancel the broadband.

A few weeks after this event, I went district, Liberdade in São Paulo. Then I entered a bookstore and bought the book, 'The letters from the alien Ummite' without special motive because already I had read it even old version.

Once I started reading it, I realized suddenly: the hacker should be Ummite. More a little later, I found this 'inspiration' came via telepathy. Well now, do you think that I'm a crazy? Am I a mental disorder? You will have the answer until the year 2012.

Well, by reading earlier posts in this blog, I guess you already know about the conspiracy of 'They' and human evolution, even if you have further doubts. Exactly Between these two things, there is incredible relationship that you never imagined, or rather, two things happen inseparably into the event.

So the mystery that the current human’s destination with the event will be clarified. The many enigmatic incidents that happened in the world history will be revealed too.

Continuer to ' Who Controls the human evolution? -2 '

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