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Who controls the human evolution? -2

Continuation of 'Who Controls the human evolution?'

One of interesting things would be the history of Ummite. The book says that there was a person much like Jesus Christ and his episode, and also says Ummite had experienced a similar event that we are now facing here as the human evolution event. Now, let me talk about the second one.

Once upon a time a cruel female dictator had ruled Ummo (the planet of Ummite) with secret intelligence services and regime of terror. This terror was a powerful psychological weapon to dominate people and she had been abusing it.

Then one day, a hero appeared and he killed the dictator with explosive. However, violent complete destruction occurred followed and the civilization of the planet is a mess with losing the accumulated fruits of science.

Fortunately, Ummite did not have a mass destruction weapon. If Ummite had it and used it, there would have been risk of extinction of all life at the time. After passing this period of great difficulty, finally, Ummite could realize political unity, recovering and strengthening science and established peace and stability of the state. Read the original author’s text of the book below.
More on the UMMO-CONTACTS (Read ‘Tee dictatorial past of UMMO’)

Ummite evolved through this event. Such more evolved Ummite should have a much longer history of the planet Ummo than human on the planet Earth. It may be that the history of Ummite could have five thousand years more than ours.

However, there is another information (not sure), which estimated a just few hundred years of difference between the tow. Anyway, eventually Ummite should have much experience and knowledge of evolution by large studies.

Through its history, Ummite emphasizes that evolution always occurs when the human (any life in the universe) face great difficulty to survive, which should pass. It indicates that there is risk of extinction itself, or commit suicide by using very powerful weapons as current human who is experiencing.

The article in the book states that there have been some organisms with intelligence of planets became extinct or disappeared along with the planet (!?). Do you doubt? Look, it should be possible because the U.S. already have this kind of secret weapon, with 10 000 times more powerful than nuclear weapons. It will be explained later in this blog.

The book tells another interesting item, which is the time of emerging of any organism with intelligence in the universes. The author Pierre Petit comments that it happened at the same time, it means within about 10,000 years.

By the cause of advancing their individual evolutions, there is no genetic compatibility among them. But in future, their will amalgamate each other because it arise and increase the possibility of compatibilities followed by genetic evolution.

So all organisms with intelligence evolves and amalgamates without stopping. At the same time, universes with the will of 'That world' will evolve as well, which means nobody, nobody really knows what happens in the future. What's important is that the evolution of universes always occur together with organisms with intelligence.

Well, this idea would be an unprecedented and clear response about the reason of human existence. This theory explains it much better than the philosophy of Descartes (read 'Cogito ergo sum'), doesn’t it?
Cogito ergo sum

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