Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What did Jesus Christ teach the human?

Read 'Who Controls the human evolution?’ before reading this post.

The book 'The letters from the alien Ummite' (read 'Letters from the alien Ummite') quotes Jesus Christ truly existed, even though the video 'Zeitgeist' (read "The 'Agenda' of 'They' -2") alleges that Christ was a legend. And I also thought that he is a legend because his image was exploring just for establishment religion.

This article 'The research about Jesus' claims; the physical appearance of Christ was the ordinary man. However, the inside of his body (especially brain?) had an antenna, which means that there were 'atomic chains', a helper function as embedded in his DNA, allowed it to communicate with every human on Earth.

Christ was very different from ordinary human, possessing his unique perception of 'Life after death' by telepathy. The difference between Christ and ordinary human was similar reference between humans and animals. He was a new human who appeared early for over 2000 years.

And his perception was in much higher dimension than the any human, enabling that he can see all human’s behavior through it. The messages of Christ were widely ecological, teaching them, not kill each other and love each other, as if he were whole human. Besides, he was acting in good faith of all human and human intention.

The will of 'Life after death', which has been integrating all huge human soul’s perceptions, finally had could contact with 'herd of goats', which means Christian through Jesus Christ.

The article tells how Ummite discovered details about the history of Christ. It seems to me by using a (ball type?) machine with MHD and plasma technology, dug into the ground beneath and found out the synagogue, not yet known, in the Jewish underground. Then Ummite discovered the manuscript biography of Christ, which written on a stained leather with attached gold leaf.

The text below contains very interesting detail episodes about Jesus Christ, even its introduction is so difficult understanding for me, for example, he was born in Galilee, not in Bethlehem as you know and it has describing ‘Ascension to Heaven’ (of cause, it’s a fantasy). After read this text, my conclusion is that Christianity is really mixture of blatantly evil doctrines (also read ‘Biggest fraudster in the human history is religion’).
Embodiments driving cosmic evolution (OYAGAWOA - Jesus)

And it comments about interesting history of the holy Shroud of Turin as well. I believe that this story of Christ indicates that Jewish and Roman authorities bothered much of Christ's existence and finally killed him.

After the death of Christ, Christian founded Catholic faith that Christ never suggested it and explored the image of Christ. And finally, Catholic authoritarianism controls the population with such way, which is written in the text.
Shroud of Turin

Well now, respect the holy Shroud of Turin, Ummite says that the Vatican has real shroud with profuse bloodstain, which wrapped Christ. However, the shroud of Turin was faking, using a dummy metal and an herb at the time, stamped false Christ’s mark on the shroud with electric heater and bloodstains. Another source says the Shroud of Turin is faking too.
Pope Nearly Endorses the Shroud of Turin, But Is It Real?

When I hear the word ‘fraternity’, always felt strange because it is always superficial. Even interpret the word without hesitation and accept Christ's insistence above, I cannot think that this way is best one to convince the human, as Jesus Christ taught, due to the human selfishness and immorality.

While thousands years history of conflict, it seems that the difference in human secures each other in contrast to Christ’s desire. Moreover, if you compare 4.6 billion-year-old of the considered planet Earth age, human history that no more than 6000 years, human one is so small anymore.

If I were an alien with 2000 years of life and always I could observing the human history of planet Earth. For me, the human history would be completely different from the imprinted hoax history by 'they' to 'Goyim'. So things that you respect such as race, identity intensified, pedigree, tradition and so on. All acts for dividing each other are wrong.

'They' abuse these differences in human social for practicing 'Divide and rule' (read “‘They’ have been controlled the world for 200 years”). For this reason, Christ taught the human that do not conflict because they are all brothers. So it was very dangerous concept for the rulers.

Well, now the 21st century, we have to face more conflicts worsened provoked by ‘They’, which cause chaos in the world. When it was time to Christ, 'They' had no mass destruction weapons, but right now, the situation is different. The human extinction will be possible. Thus Ummite has intention to avoid that it would occur soon.

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