Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are Vaccines rally safe and effective?

On the net, you can find out abundance information about frauds and dangers of the H1N1 influenza vaccination such as articles below.
K.N.O.W Vaccines
Vaccine dangers
The hidden Danger Vaccination
40,000 contract serious virus in Ukraine, kills 30
WHO chief yet to be vaccinated against swine flu

Conselho da Europa: "A pandemia de gripe A nunca existiu"

‘They’ have been created varies virus and chemical-biological weapons also. Same information says that this kind of researching began end of the 19th century. One of them is HIV virus due to reduce world population, particularly of black people. Read articles and extracted text (blue one) below.
AIDS is man-made - Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves
Was AIDS engineered?

A monkey virus injected into humans via polio vaccines in the 1950s

There are inherent dangers in vaccine production. Many vaccines are made on living cells; and accidental contamination with bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses, and newly-recognized "nanobacteria" are constant problems during the manufacturing process. Laboratory additives (such as fetal bovine [cow] serum) may also be a source of contamination. Half the flu vaccine supply for 2004 had to be destroyed due to contamination with disease-causing bacteria.

Some researchers believe that injecting living and killed viruses into the body can result in these viruses combining with other viruses normally present in the body, resulting in the formation of new viral disease-causing "recombinants." The dangers of vaccines are downplayed to assure the public that vaccines are safe.

The possibility that cancer-causing primate viruses could have been "introduced" into gays, via the experimental hepatitis B vaccine, cannot be dismissed as paranoid fantasy. In this regard, we are told that HIV is the first primate virus to "jump species" to produce an epidemic in millions of humans. But, in truth, the AIDS epidemic is the second instance in which a monkey virus has been transferred to humans.

A cancer-causing monkey virus called "simian virus 40" (SV40) jumped species a half century ago when virus-contaminated polio vaccines were injected into millions of people, including half the U.S. population of that era. (For details, see: Government health officials insist there is no proof that SV40 causes human cancer. However, independent research over the past decade indicates SV40 is clearly associated with rapidly-fatal cancers of the lung (mesothelioma), bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma), brain tumors in children, and other forms of cancer.

A Washington Times report (September 21, 2003) states, "Some of the polio vaccine given to millions of American children from 1962 until 2000 could have been contaminated with a monkey virus that shows up in some cancers, according to documents and testimony to be delivered to a House committee Wednesday." The SV40 story is detailed in the recently published, The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed.
The Virus Cancer Program 1964-1980

And the book (read ‘Letters from the alien Ummite’) says that the stolen biological technology from Ummite, which has been used for creating these viruses.

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