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The U.S. stole technology of Ummite

Hi, everybody and Ufology geek. I know that you have much interest, how UFO was able to fly, despite having no wings, and it have an inappropriate style for aero dynamics theory. Unfortunately, many information of UFO’s system and mechanism is scattered about there are lies and delusions, or disinformation.

The UFO’s flying system has two types. To travel between stars, it’s necessary to know some theories still we don’t know. But to fly around in the atmosphere, it’s easier to explain it. So first, we have to understand technology 'MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics).
Magnetohydrodynamics drive
Combining MHD Air breathing and Aneutronic Fusion for
Aerospace Propulsion and Power Plane

Well, I read another book Japanese, called ‘[The U.S. stole] Plasma science of the alien Ummite’, after I had read 'The letters from the alien Ummite'. According to this book, the author (physical scientist), Jean-Pierre Petit also studied MHD and wrote about secret U.S. military projects in this book.

In January 2001, the article of the book tells that he have participated the ‘International Workshop in Field Propulsion’ conference, which held at the University of Essex in England and heard about the 'Black project' (watch the video below) of the USA from the project members.
Black project

These projects were secrete 'MHD torpedo', which runs into the sea (not type 'ASROC') with velocity of 2000 km / h or more, has existed since 1980 and the aircraft 'Aurora', which can fly more than 10,000 km / h and height of 60 km. The article of the book cites the Russian cavitation technology’s torpedo 'Shkva' and 'Ajax' like the 'Aurora' too.
Super Russian Torpedo Revealed

With cavitation effect, the torpedo runs at a velocity of 400 km / h in under water, however, MHD torpedo can achieve more, to more than 2000 km / h. So even though Shkva is still little known, it’s already obsolete because it has been exported to China.
MHD torpedo U.S.

The Russian 'Ajax' and 'Aurora' of the U.S. use MHD technology also. Then, let we know a little bit about the system of 'Ajax'.
Aurora (aircraft)

The problem is that when an aircraft flies high supersonic speed such Ajax (can reach about 10,000 km / h), huge air friction causes high temperature problem. It can reach 1000 ° C with a speed of Mach 3 (about 3700 km / h) and require enormous energy (fuel) to get it.

And the other problem occurs, for example, turbines of the jet engine melting. However, an engine is called Scramjet can use up to Mach 8-15 without problem. In the book, therefore, Petit doubted that Ajax uses conventional turbo engine because it’s impossible to get high speed like that.
Jet engine

Ok, what is resolution? See following section view of Ajax.

The article says that Ajax never actually flew, but one day, Petit read the magazine 'Air & Space' and found the photos in the article, which is written the research done in the wind tunnel for Ajax, using Ajax mockup. So he was surprised because these photos show the supersonic shock wave, which was born on the edge of the mockup, was abnormal. See the drawings below.

Well, he finally discovered the reason for these puzzles; it was because of the MHD effect. Exactly, problems were solved thanks to MHD technology.

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