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The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -3

Continuation of ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2’

Let me explain simply the theory of the MHD here, using the same material used in the article of my Japanese blog. Then, see the drawing below. When the high speed plasma fluid flows in the duct, where the magnetic field generated by the magnet, the electron of the plasma moves between the electrodes and electric current is generated by the theory of Fleming's right hand.
Fleming's right hand rule

The MHD generator that the drawing below shows is installed on the top of Ajax. And during flight, high speed air flow (plasma) flows over its face of the electrodes (+/-) for generating electricity.

The article says that special fuel is used for this system, mixing cesium, potassium, sodium (alkali metals) and so on, in order to increase fuel efficiency, even at low temperature (1800-2000 ° C) compared to the its ideal. Another highlight is the using superconducting wire for greater efficiency.

So to understand operation of MHD accelerator, just imagine that it operates inversed above procedure; first feeds electricity, which generated by the MHD generator, to the MHD accelerator for propulsion. This accelerator increases the exhaust gas speed by a force, which produced in the magnetic field.

As already revealed, the same electricity generates the plasma barrier using the device of the aircraft also. And the reason for the abnormal shock wave of Ajax (see the drawings of ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’) was because of the plasma barrier.

I found the following articles by Petit, who is author of my reference book ‘[The U.S. stole] Plasma science of the alien Ummite’ recently. I guess that they must be basic information of this post’s articles. So I recommend you to read them also for getting more accurate information.
Annex 1: MHD
Annex 2 Other weapons and speculations
Annex 3: MHD US torpedo

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