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The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2

Continuation of ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’
So far, there’s not so complicated isn’t it? Especially like you, for the Formula 1 geek.

Well, Chapter 2 'Ajax Project' of the book '[The U.S. stole] Plasma science of the alien Ummite', which unveils the Ajax MHD technology system. According to the article, this aircraft has two MHD converters system, one of them works as a generator and the other is as an accelerator.

The MHD generator function is to convert hydraulic energy into electrical energy. So the flow of the upper air intake of the section view of Ajax (see ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’) with more than 10,000 km / h is reduced by the converter, generating and feeding electric power itself.

And it can reduce high temperature of air, which is entering into the engine at the same time, because high temperature is converted to electrical energy as well. You can imagine it, for example, a car brake system that it generate electrical energy, may recycle it and save fuel.

See the drawing below. A converter is installed on top of Ajax, where is the front air intake. During this operation with high speed, lower air intake should be closed. When Ajax is at takeoff and landing or flying with low speed, upper air intake should be closed.

By the way, how does the accelerator, which is installed behind the exhaust of the engines? Some magnet (solenoid) installed on the accelerator so that the magnetic field can adds force to the airflow propelling and accelerating back. The interesting thing is that the jet fuel is processed by high voltage before burning it in the engine for becoming stronger electrical conductor.

Huh? That right! The energy generated by the generator feeds to the accelerator as an input energy to operate it. This system is much well done isn’t it?

So let us understand how to secure the aircraft shell for protecting against high temperature, which may affect it. I think that this technology is one of the most important for the UFO. Moreover, it has perfect stealth effect, even has radio communications defect.
Stealth aircraft
I’ll not explain in more detail here, anyway, the article says that the generator of the aircraft has the capacity to generate high voltage, about 3 million volts, which is like lightning.

Then the generator system sends high voltage to the nose and wings edge of the aircraft for generating electric discharge. The devices installed there create plasma gas, and then it’s covering the outside of the aircraft as a plasma barrier, means that the ship was protected by lightning. So it admits to fly very high speed without suffering the friction effect.

When Petit spoke to a person who was involved of the Aurora project, drinking beer in the restaurant where located nearby the university, which was held the conference, he 'kicked' (gambled) unconfirmed information about Aurora and won.

This person, 'cowboy' Benangy admitted the hypothesis of Petit, and said that Aurora has been flying since 1990 with a velocity of 10,000 km / h and 60,000 km high, surfing without refueling above the stratosphere and can become a satellite (read ‘Escape velocity’), that this means it can reach a velocity of 28,000 km / h!
Escape velocity

Military geek! That's right. The U.S. military has built Aurora using the UFO technology of Ummite without a license.

Ok, now let us study about converter system (MHD generator and accelerator).

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