Thursday, June 24, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite

Hi! UFO (Ovniology) geek, the time has come to know true UFO. Well, forward from here, I’ll reveal how a flying saucer of Ummite able to travel between stars and fly in the atmospheres on planets.
Unidentified flying object

Do you never have been heard a contactee called Adamski? He said in his book, he embarked on a flying saucer-like below. However, does this one really work?
George Adamski

Look at the flying saucer below. It seems that the disk size has around 10 m in diameter and 4.5 m high. A comparison of sizes between the UFO and crew is incompatible because the crew size is too big, should have supported the human height (may be an information manipulation of Ummite).

Ok, now to begin studying the UFO technology of Ummite, first, remember the fact that it has been clarified; the UFO of Ummite adopts the system of MHD. Well, would you ever wonder why the UFO style has round one? It should have a reason.

This reason is to avoid invalidity of electric discharge for creating the plasma barrier, which nullifies enormous friction (see ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2’). It’s affected by the MHD magnetic field effect.

Though it is not conducive in aerodynamics – in fact, this effect is unimportant for UFO, the style of two 'pan lid' combined is ideal for UFO. See how the magnetic field is in the drawing below. In the pan's lid edge has superconducting toroidal (annular) coil to generate the magnetic field.

In these areas, the magnetic field effect is minimal and it does not affect the electrical discharge effect.

The drawings below are from one of the letters from Ummite. It seems that the UFO state is with constant speed mode because the crew is standing or slightly sitting position on the wall of the centrifuge donut cabin, which generates light gravity.

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