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UFO Technology of Ummite -6

Continuation of ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -5’

To fly horizontally, and to spin the UFO due to neutralize the magnetic field in the environment of ' warp ' stage, the propulsion system performs practically the same procedure of vertical movement.

The UFO can move any one of 360 degrees (this is one of the advantages of disc style), for example, if the UFO want to go to the two-hour clock direction, just make up air movement in its direction. With combination of the three solenoids, the UFO can make any radical movement.

Either way, high-performance computer system, a few million of the plasma generator and solenoids guarantee unbelievable movement of the UFO that normal aircraft never achieved.

Well, I have been revealed about MHD systems as the secret U.S. military technology in the posts (read ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’). So, ordinary people like you, never involved this technology? The answer is yes. Check the site below.
American Antigravity

Since 2002, the U.S. government has cheated taxpayers and Congress (?) (read “‘Lifters’: An Idea in the Cloud”). The physicist Fran de Aquino (Freemasonry: a part of 'They') of the State University of Maranhão fooled people too (read the articles below).
'Lifters': An Idea in the Cloud

Welcome to Professor Fran De Aquino 's Webpage

Mathematical Foundation of the Relativistic Theory of Quantum Gravity

Why? Do you get it? Really, this one floated by the MHD theory, but it’s not by antigravity. For some time, the ion thruster was developed and used for the space probes expeditions for NASA, ESA of Europe and NASDA of Japan.
Ion thruster

Ok, let's turn the initial subject of this theme. Does the Adamski type UFO works? The answer is no, because if the UFO Adamski used MHD system (maybe another technology would be used, but it’s almost unlikely), layouts of the equipments are inadequate, for example, the solenoid coil position for generating magnetic field is near by the crew cabin.

It spoils plasma generating and harms the crew. This UFO use barium titanate as fuselage, means ferroelectric, it must not be used because it has no ‘Messner effect’ (read below), which protects the crew cabin. And the cabin is not prepared for violent acceleration too.
Meissner effect

Moreover, the cabin is with anachronistic windows, which is imaged of that time (it seems that Adamski had no idea to use external camera and monitor). The ship body shell’s material is aluminum without plasma generator, and so on.

Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, these texts might be including some different information from this post because of deferent source.
Description of craft Ummo (4)

Description Ummo craft (5)

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