Monday, June 28, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite -5

Continuation of ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -4’
11. Magnetic field environment control system.

12. Tank of ‘Thixotropy’. This substance is a mixture that it protects the crew against 50G acceleration (read ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -2’), and it’s also used as material for production of antimatter utilized for generating electric energy of the ship.

This means that the energy source is nuclear fusion from a mixture of lithium and hydrogen (hydrogen isotopes). The antimatter is produced by contraction with huge high pressure.

13. Tripod landing gear with adjustable suspension.

14. Monitoring sensors of the environment. The crew monitors environmental parameters such as atmosphere, temperature, resonance and so on, using these sensors.

15. Toroidal type screen. The crew can watch 3D outside landscape of the ship without glasses.

16. Ribbon sensor to detect nuclear magnetic resonance.

17. Navigation system in the twin universes. Using this system, it detects and confirms the ship's current position in real time to shift between twin universes.

18. MHD propulsion system. This propulsion should be used in the atmosphere, however in the vacuum of space; this will be used only to spin the ship. This system unit contains a gas into the duct, and its inner surface must have the same plasma generators installed on the ship shell.

Then the gas begins to turn so that a combination of rapid its ionization position change and magnetic field change move it. With this procedure, the disc (ship) reacts to spin action of the gas by principle of action and reaction, and will turn in inverse.

Well, did you understand much about UFO so far? OK, that’s good. Now, you will know how the UFO could float in the air. It is explained by much like the helicopter flight theory.

It means to make vertical movement of the air down from over the UFO. See the comparison made in the drawing below (explanation found on the net maybe different, for example, depend on density and air pressure etc. but result is same).

More important is that the actual UFO makes air current (fluid) on its surface, generating an effect ‘action and reaction’ (imagine a jet engine principle). To do it, as mentioned earlier post, ionize air (gas) by (electric discharge) plasma generators (see the drawing of 'UFO Technology of Ummite -3') with some procedure.

And move it (air) generating the magnetic field by three solenoids (see the drawing below) with pulsed electric current, as direction identified in the drawing above, to rise or to down, along with some parts of the ionization air, such as a LED Christmas lights turn on/off sequentially.

Then, the air begins to move depending on combination pattern of ionization and magnetic field. Concerning the drawing below that I found it in the reference book, I think the tilted UFO in 'Magnetic field lines' maybe a consequence of the magnetic field shown in the drawing, which is generated by the MHD system.

Adding interesting things here are the plasma generator amount installed on the UFO, and its appearance when using them. If the disc size of the UFO had about 10 m in diameter and kicking (estimate) generators quantity were 1% of the 4000 micro parts par one cubic mm (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -3'), the UFO would have at least 3 to 4 million in generators!

When all these plasma generators were in working, the UFO would be shining, as many witnesses describe about it.

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