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UFO Technology of Ummite -3

Continuation of ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -2’

‘Thixotropy’ will be removed from the crew cabin, when the acceleration is completed, and keeps it (11) in the space (13) in the penultimate drawing of the post (‘UFO Technology of Ummite’). Due to the filling of ‘Thixotropy’, the crew must wear space suit, and be implanted a device in the anus for converting feces to helium.

Respect the accelerating method of the ship, Ummite adopts pulse acceleration system, different from what we image it as continues acceleration. That means repetition of approximate one millisecond (1 / 1000 second) of acceleration cycle.

During acceleration, the crew member's body is tight as if they were a rock by ‘Thixotropy’. With this acceleration method, the crew’s body almost doesn’t feel and will not be affected, even enormous its effect.

Anywhere, even in the universe space, any spacecraft always is in the possibility of a collision with some object. And most critical situation must be that resonance occurs when the ship is at the pulse acceleration mode, it could result in damage to the ship.

To resolve these problems, the ship shell has an artificial micro-organism system that it includes 4000 micro parts shown in the drawing below per one cubic millimeter. Could you imagine its size? The pieces with an average size of 0.25 cubic μ are scattered in the area at 10 m diameter of disk shell. The artificial micro-organism system could fix shell damage automaticity, if the object hit it.

The micro craters on the surface are, for example, to generate the electrical discharge (plasma) and etc. The complicated micro pipe working and micro balls are used for cancellation of the resonance mentioned above, using a substance, which transform solid and liquid alternately. This transformation is controlled by computer (of course!).

To understand the plasma generator system, see drawing below. Inside of the micro craters have electrodes, which ionize the atmosphere by electric discharge to generate plasma (read ‘Plasma’ in the article ‘Ion’ below).

Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, this text of the contents is written in bad English (maybe software translation), so read Spanish version, if possible, and might be including some different information from this post because of deferent source.
Description of craft Ummo (3)[3].pdf

The ship’s communication system of the computer has three types. Any system is with optical fiber to be unaffected by the magnetic field. This artificial micro-organism system with sensors could fix ship shell, when it was damaged, as already informed it above. And when the ship leaves a planet, the shell is heated to kill bacteria instantly.

During acceleration, the magnetic system is fully operational, which generates some dozens of tesla of magnetic field (read below). It affects the health of the crew. So housing the cabin crew is made of superconducting material for protecting them.
Tesla (unit)

The book's author Petit says that the UFO of Ummite has also interesting technologies, for example, the cooling system used lithium for the ship shell, the multi-channel control system, the system to analyze the atmosphere and so on.

However, he has no idea to tell about its information because he cannot confirm these things, due to do not exist or still be not developed here on planet Earth.

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