Friday, June 25, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite -2

Due to prevention from space adaptation syndrome, a special device is implanted in the inner ears of the crew. In the penultimate drawing of the previous post ('UFO Technology of Ummite’). Did you notice object, which is covering the crew face? It’s an advanced monitor with high resolution three-dimensional. Through this monitor, the crew can watch outside the ship by sensors installed on the ship shell
Space adaptation syndrome


Moreover, by using built-in virtual reality equipment of the monitor, the crew can feel sound, smell and touch and so on. Who taught 3D technology without using glasses to the human was Ummite. Watch the video below, which was shown to the Japanese audience in October 1990.
Virtual Reality

Junichi Yaoi special UFO Alien Planet UMMO2

In the passage, which starts at 4:38 of the video above, the letters from Ummite appeared, revealing its technology. The banker Rafael Farriols who lives in Barcelona says that his friend and he could register patents for its 3D technology, and recorder without using motor and mechanism even they didn’t have knowledge.

However, this video is influenced by 'They' and contains some mind control too. I guess that this video producer, Junichi Yaoi is a CIA agent.

His disinformation way to practice is as follows: mixed precious and truthful information as Ummite or UMMO case into the much special (junk) reportage, which features UFO, broadcast it on television at the time.

Anyway, the majority of these reports were with the hoax, for example, the video below. So everybody who watched them could not identify, I mean, it was very difficult to separate the true facts of fabricated junk information. Or simply, for people don’t believe UFO, the fact of Ummite could be suspicious.

Junichi Yaoi Special UFO part2/15

Back to the main subject, the crew members are victimized by violent acceleration, while the ship is in its mode. To escape it, the crew cabin should be filled with the substance, which is called ‘Thixotropy’, when the ship is in acceleration. And it becomes solid instantly by `Electric field effect’. So that this reason, crew members do not have seats.

Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, it might be including some different information from this post because of the deferent source.
Description Ummo craft (1)

Description craft Ummo (2)

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