Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time has come for the evolution

Since the emergence of the first human ancestor, the human has gone through several evolutions before being modem human. And these evolutions have been occurring never stopped. Currently we are considered more evolved than our ancestor; Homo sapiens appeared about 200 thousand years ago. And the current modern human emerged more than 12,000 years ago.

Then why organisms (Life on planet), not only humans but also other organism has to evolve? The amazing answer is the issue, which should be revealed later. For now, let me quote the event 'Ascension', which is circulating on the net. This is a disinformation, or a manipulation to deceive 'Goyim' by the CIA and NASA, or by 'They'. The events of 'Planet X (Nibiru)', 'Photon belt', '2012' and so on, which could be also disinformation.

It is known throughout the history of human evolution, the planet Earth has gone through periods with temperatures well below zero, and it was precisely during these moments that evolution has occurred, indicating a condition or situation triggering of human evolution. This period is called 'Ice Age' would be a period of extreme difficulty for almost every living organism, requiring the development for survival.
Ice age

However, the history of human evolution is not the much important issue being addressed here, but the condition or situation, which it occurs. So, mass media say that we are in the 'Global Warming'. What's up with this?

According to some studies on the 'Ice Age', large climate change can occur on the planet Earth at this pre-period, for example, the supposed global warming, due to ocean currents changes.

However, you don't confuse that the warming is caused by excessive CO2. It's a really impotant thing because it's a lie invented by ‘They’, for example, it could be to move billions of dollars on the planet and for mind control on the population. And the most important reason of them is to cover up the fact.

Mass media show an audience that the North Pole ice and the glacier of the Himalayas are shrinking, but the real situation is different from that. It is increasing. Last year, there was a ‘Climate Gate Scandal’ (read the texts below).

Scientists broke the law by hiding climate change data: But legal loophole means they won't be prosecuted

U.N. climate chiefs apologize for glacier
The North Pole ice is growing from year 2008 according to the monitoring of sea ice by IJIS bellow. Besides, why the phenomenon below occurs in this year?
Data of Sea Ice Extent

Passenger ferry freed from Baltic Sea ice

We might see some inconsistencies on this context of 'Global Warming'. Brazil is suffering because of excessive rainfall and hot weather by El Niño, however, in the Northern Hemisphere, low temperatures was recorded unprecedented. And right now, as if south and southeast of Brazil was at midwinter even still before it comes.

In 2004, 'The Observer' of the UK, cites the existence of the Pentagon report on climate change that says the approaching ice age. Based on this report, the film was produced with similar theories and characteristics of the climate changes that precede the 'Ice Age'. This film is called 'The Day After Tomorrow’.
The Day After Tomorrow

The film was directed by Roland Emmerich. He directed really awful film, '2012 'also. In the beginning of this film, a planetary alignment and a giant solar flare (solar storm), which reaches Earth is showing.
The Newest Threat to All Human Life on Earth: Solar Storms

These should have the intention for mind control, or imprinting for spectators, including the entire scenario of the film. Interesting things are that the Pentagon suggested the production of the film ('The Day After Tomorrow') as follows.

Now the Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us

According to the above article, global warming will cause a change of sea level, and between the years 2010 to 2020, Europe will suffer by climate change, with falls in temperature reaching the incredible average of 6 ° F (-14.4 ° C). England will get cold and dry climate, like the current Siberia.

The changes like this will cause a huge threat in the world, with chaos: natural disasters, famine, pandemics (flu artificial and etc.), conflicts, world war (World War III) and so on. (Read "The 'Agenda' of 'They' -2").

Now the planet Earth is in a great climate change. But we should not be deceived, because this is not a global warming. We are just entering the ice age and this means the beginning of colossal human massacre by 'They'.

Such as ‘Global Worming’ coverage, journalism and journalists, who are more respectful, corporate to cheat on you, because of controlled by 'They'. If they refuse to be controlled, might lose means of livelihoods. If they insist on rejecting it, it may be murdered.

This thing happens too for politicians. However, most bullshit politicians, without doubt, as you know, love to deceive us.

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