Saturday, June 5, 2010

‘They’ have been controlled the world for 200 years

Why our world cannot be stabilized politically and economically? Why peace has never been held consistently on our planet and continues to provoke conflicts, wars, famines, crimes, corruptions, etc..?

Despite the efforts of political, religious, international organization like the United Nations, since the history of civilization began, these human plagues never end.

Do you think the problem is egoism, envy, anger, or the seven deadly sins of humans? It should be, but this argument maybe I will consider more lately.

So is that all? Is it due to just someone’s incompetence, which should be able to solve them,? It may be. However, indeed there is a big problem of the existence of 'They', who rule the world practically. The destabilization of the world is a great business for 'They', using the technique (strategy) 'Divide and rule'.

What is 'Divide and rule'? For example, 'They' use ideology, religion, philosophy, hatred, horror, social injustice, human rights, ecology movement and so on, as one of the tools to split public opinion. So consequently, it provokes conflicts between people or nations. So even though 'they' are not the majority, could dominate ‘Goyim’ (gentiles) easily. Yes, we are the Goyim for 'They'.
Quotes 'With Attitude' From The Jewish Talmud

If you got angry with me because of the inclusion of ideology, religion, philosophy, human rights and ecology movement as the tools of ‘Divide and rule’, then just imagine the following:

Religions are some tools to dominate and exploit people (such business to make easy money). Who masterminded socialism (communism), one of the most important ideologies, was Karl Heinrich Marx of 'Das Kapital'. He received financial help from one of 'They', which was from Rothschild. The idol of Marx was a philosopher Hegel.

Then my question is: a philosophy has helped to bring consistent peace and stability of our world? Unfortunately, it seems to me that it never happened like the function of religion. Moreover, most rhetoric and philosophy is tough to understand. I mean it is a study insignificant and a junk knowledge for me.

Now, did the actions of human rights work to eliminate discrimination, social inequality, and cruelty? It did not occur to me but created many contradictions, conflicts, and confusion, sometimes even acts of terror. Imagine situation here in Brazil! Minor violent crimes cruel practice, however, they are practically unpunished under the human right.

Paranoid environmentalists create problem to 'Eco-terrorism'. Obviously, any NGOs, for example, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), Greenpeace, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Earth First!, the Coalition to Save the Preserves and the Hardesty Avengers have reason and political self-interest. Greenpeace is sponsored by many companies, which have the particular reason.


Let's go back to about ‘They’. Almost two hundred years ago, with the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild earned a vast fortune for the transaction of the title of England, using intelligence and he thought that he could rule the world by resources of their secret intelligence service, without being the real king of the world (read the following texts).
Nathan Mayer Rothschild
Carrier Pigeons Helped Create the World's Most Famous Banking Fortune

After the Rothschild family joined the Rockefeller family and monarch’s families in the world as queen of England, Netherland, Spain and the Japanese emperor and others. Also with billionaires and people with significant influence in the world, for example, Bill Gates (this Jew was nominated as a future champion of computer business by 'They' and, currently, he provides financing for the project to kill people as a philanthropist) for controlling the planet. Most of the world's population does not know or does not want to believe it.
John D. Rockefeller
Rockefeller family

'They' are sometimes called, for example, Illuminati or Freemason by the conspiracy theory geeks and, the members of 'Bilderberg Meeting' also (read the text below). Most conspiracy theory quotes that the members of 'They' are Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Lazard, Warburg, Schroder and Schiff, who control the Fed (Federal Resave System) of the U.S. and other central banks around the world.

'They' control all the major governments of the planet. Almost all the country is under control of multinational companies of ‘They’ as various industries, banks, financial institutions, including mass media and other influential ones, for example, entertainment and film industry in Hollywood (there are many firms with the intent of imprinting fake stories).

The text below is good to know about the Illuminati. However, you should not trust David Icke because he is manipulating information, including few truths with much lies by 'They'. I mean that he is a ‘drumbeater’ for cheating people (Goyim).
Illuminati News
David Icke

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