Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reason for the Intervention of Ummite

As I mentioned in the post 'What Jesus Christ taught the human ', Ummite has intention of the intervention so that the human already has a secret more powerful weapon than nuclear weapon. If the human used it in the next world war (III) accidentally or with mislead, the planet Earth could disappear entirely. Read the original letter below.
Making power on Earth in case of risk of nuclear conflict

In the books in relation to Ummite, you can read articles of the intervention of Ummite, when great risk of human extinction happened. Well, if you think that Ummite intentions was for saving the human, for example, as if mystical or abnormal things related ‘Ascension’ is propagated as a salvation fantasy, it should be completely hoax, it must be a part of mind control.

One of the videos with mind control ↓

Part 19 of 25 - The Legend of Atlantis - It's Time to Wake Up

Even Ummite had the intention, could not save the human because the will of ‘That world’, which causes the event (read ‘Who Controls the human evolution?'), means that no one could preserve the current human, because current human extinction destiny was defined by its will.

According to the article below, the human ancestor, who has decreased to 2000 individuals in approximately 60,000 years ago because of the coming ‘Ice Age’ and climate change as an ahead stage. I believe that this event (ice age) must cause the human ancestor evolution.
After Near Extinction, Humans Split Into Isolated Bands

Although dwindling human ancestors by such a great difficulty, the human successors survived and multiplied in the period, and finally, its population has grown to the current 6.7 billion.

Actually, continuation of the same species never happened in history. It could quote equality to other organisms on the planet Earth. It would be vain efforts, which emphasize preservation of species destined to extinction as a people are now practicing.

So do you really wanted to see replica dinosaurs live? These efforts are human arrogant desire for me. The current human brain yet in sub-evolution, which has animals instinct characteristic must be the destination for extinction.

I believe that the reason for Ummite is only observe the event, but intervene if there was risk of the extinction of hole organisms on the planet including new human, who is being on emerging.

However, there is more important purpose for Ummite. It should be revealed in the other posts later.

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