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Planet Ummo

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I decided to attach the links (red one) of the articles that I founded them just recently, under the corresponding descriptions, its original contents (actually it’s not easier to understand) of the letters from Ummite. It might be including some deferent information from the posts in this blog because of deferent source.

The alien Ummite came from the planet Ummo. It's a planet in the solar system of Iumma. The site of Iumma is Wolf 424 and it is 3.7 (3.8) light-years from Earth. It is said that this finding was confirmed by astronomers in 1938. However, in the letter of Ummite, distance writing was 14.3 light years. So what is truth? The difference came from the fluctuation of 'Spacetime' (read the article below)

Comparison between sun and Iumma
                                      Sun                      Iumma

Mass                               1.99 x 1030kg         1.48 x 1030kg

Temperature                     5785K                   4580K

Absolute magnitude           4.8                       7.4

Spectral classification         G2                        K

Planet Ummo is slightly larger than the planet Earth. If you had 70 pounds of weight, you would have 84 kg (20% more) on the planet Ummo. The magnetic field is a thousand times stronger than Earth's. You can see aurora every evening. Even though no activated volcano, methane gas and pentane gas, which is leaves and burning in the air and it can reach hundreds of meters to 6 km high.

Ummo orbital period is two and a half months. Looks like it has four seasons, but the period of each station has only 19 days. See the map below. Ummo has only one continent, which occupies 40% of total area (Erath has 30%) and rest is the sea and islands. Mammals live in shallow sea. There are no high mountains and strong wind blowing, like the Republic of Ireland.

Looking at the map above, maybe you realize: Why not use photos? The map seems that it’s ancient and primitive. Well, Ummite practice intelligence and disinformation, which is with more experience than 'they'. I can only find drawings and illustrations.

Daily temperature difference is large. At night, even though at the equator, the temperature lowers a few degrees Celsius. There's no bird species, but species of bat, which seems the Earth’ one live on the ground. There is a similar species of chimpanzee but more intelligent than ours.

Ummo has 32 hours a day, however, daily work schedule is just three hours. Oops! Really little working, right? Do you like that? The typical house in the Ummo is spinning as the figure below. It raises and lowers automatically because of protection from radiation coming from Iumma.
Report with data on the planet Ummo

People are drinking or writing something? Then, he/she writes it using fonts like this?
Housing scheme Ummo

The body of Ummite has the following characteristics: The smell is much more developed than the human. So Ummite has the smell art. furthermore, he has a sense of detecting red-inflates, but there's voice problem. After 16-year-old, almost Ummite loses voice. Therefore, the speech synthesizer device is implanted.

The finger feels are very sensitive, for example, push button cautiously, if didn’t do so, could affect sense organ. If Ummite got naked, you could find some marks to identify Ummite.

Huh? Is your neighbor weird looking? Yeah man, it’s possible. See illustration below. Does your neighbor look like this? Well, let us know articles of daily use and big objects on the planet Ummo.

Ummite guy↑

Watch the video below (added on March 15, 2018).

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