Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Planet Ummo -2

Continuation of 'planet Ummo'

Following big objects are vehicles on the planet Ummo.

The air vehicle of Ummite, as you know, which is like the flying object above of the Mayan civilization. The difference is Tailed delta. So how is the ground one?

Maybe Hollywood copied idea of ground vehicle of Ummite because the U.S. military stole technology of Ummite (read 'The U.S. stole the tecnorogy of Ummite') such as plasma science. And without doubt, you have to know flying saucer (sorry, there’s no information about manufacturing year) of Ummite also (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite').

Our planet has 'made in Earth' spaceship. However, for Ummite, this type of 'made in Ummo' is very ancient manufacturing model, as if you could see it in Egyptian museum.

Some articles of daily use on the planet Ummo are below. First one is a drink bottle and meat cutter that you can suck drink with the bottle tube and can chops it by using microwave ray.

How about this foam mattress? What appears in the house (see illustration 'Planet Ummo') with man shaped cavity. Beside the mattress, there’s an accessory, which floats man by magnetic force and can use it for meditation as well.

Following is a unique fruit on Ummo planet.

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