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Letters from the alien Ummite

When I read the books, ‘Return to the Stars’ and ‘Chariots of the Gods?’ by the Swiss Erich Von Däniken, I thought that aliens must exist in the universe and they would have been here our planet Earth because of the existence of the Egyptian pyramids, the large Nazca Lines and so on. The ‘Roswell UFO incident’ attracts my attention too.
Erich von Däniken

However, at the same time, I thought 'Roswell' and other UFO incidents were ambiguous and without reliable scientific evidence. Majorities witness accounts and articles, which were in the media and on the net for ET or UFO, almost could be frauds or delusions.
Roswell UFO Incident

But finally, I changed my mind. In the 1990s, after I have got an opportunity to read the book by Jean-Pierre Petit, called 'The letters from the alien Ummite' (in Japanese), I believed that this case must be true alien. This story of Ummite is far more reliable than others.

The letters from the alien Ummite

Because the author of the book is French physical scientist and he has really respectable career. Even though the content of the book is obviously unprecedented and amazing thing, I found something, which scientifically well explained and detailed. Normally, most of these kinds of books do not have the same characteristics. Anyway, I have got a conclusion that I may believe it in this case.
Jean-Pierre Petit
Jean Pierre Petit (his official site)

This book says that the UFOs of Ummite first appeared here on the planet Earth, was in France in 1950. And this alien, who has the appearance of Scandinavian, began contact with the Spanish, Sesma, sending the letters, which written about physics, astronomy, chemistry, sociology, biology and so on. (Read the texts below).
UFO-Contact from Planet Ummo - 00
Proposed Astronomical objects in religion, astrology and ufology (Read 'UMMO' content)

One of the letters sent by Ummite

The texts on science and technology in the book, Ummite present very interesting mechanism used in UFO and unprecedented theory of the universe to us and so on. Some facts (UFO technology, advanced energy source and so on.) will be revealed later in this blog.

So, for starters, you can know about ‘organisms (life) with intelligence’ in the universe and their evolution (read 'Time has come for the evolution'). The book says that any organism with intelligence should have human style, which means no other style, for example, the monster of octopus or insect.

In '10 dimensions and twin' untold universes, there are incalculable organism with intelligence. The theory of the universe of Ummite is completely different from ours. That means the theory of relativity of Einstein is practically incorrect (in fact, the speed of light is variable) and the black hole does not exist in the universes.

Concept of the ‘Twin Universes (5 dimensions of each)’

The number '4 'of the Y-axis in the figure above shows the beginning of the universe (Big Bang). And our universe and another universe (with the same amount of negative mass) expansions begin at the same time.

More detailed information of the universes will be addressed in another posting. Then first, let's understand about controller on the evolution of all organisms (life) in the universes.

I decided to attach here the link site below with original contents (actually it’s not easier to understand) of the letters from Ummite that I founded it just recently. It might be including some deferent information from the posts in this blog because of deferent source
Las Cartas de UMMO

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