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How does 'Ice Age' occur?

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Before explaining how ‘Ice Age’ occurs, you must know the theory of 'Milankovitch cycle'. This theory explains variation in the amount of radiation (light), because of the orbital variation of the planet Earth. However, the detailed explanation of the theory will not be treated here because it does not main matter.

Milankovitch cycles

Right now, we are entering in the decreased condition of solar radiation (read 'Sun's Power Hits New Low, May Endanger Earth?’ below) anyway. And so far, the solar activity (‘11-years sunspot cycle') continued in low level. See 'SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)' to understand it. According to the theory, the current situation of the sun should be much more active (read 'Solar Cycle 24'), but this is not occurring.
Sun's Power Hits New Low, May Endanger Earth?
Solar cycle
Sun begins Solar Cycle 24

Although we are in period of last ice age, which began 116,000 years ago, pleasant average annual temperature is not so low for humans as we can feel it today, because we are in the period of ‘Interglacial’ (read below).


According to the article below, there is a study of 'Ice Age' by using the supercomputer. This study points out: despite the phenomenon that the opening and closing of the Bering Strait (current average is 50 m deep) had been great influence for climate change on planet Earth, diverting ocean currents.
Bering Strait ice age influenced climate patterns worldwide

During this period, there were size changing cycle of ice sheets in the northern hemisphere. In the Greenland and part of the North American continent, a variation of the thickness of 112 m per thousand years had been repeated, for 70,000 years. Then the 30 m sea level varied because of it.

This phenomenon caused a change in the ocean currents due to opening and closing of the Bering Strait (even a contradiction about the depth of the strait). And it had been causing global warming.

34,000 years ago, when this cycle that gave a turning to warm the planet Earth, 95,000 years of 'Milankovitch cycle' hit and forced the planet to cool. Therefore, this phenomenon had changed the gradual warming trend, or had broken the heating process. This seems to me, will happen again soon.

Now, everybody! Why one of members of 'They', Bill Gates funded 'Noah's Ark' project to preserve seeds, huh? Why do the articles below, which talk about the Antarctica condition, are like that?
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For more detail information, read the articles bellow (Portuguese).
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