Monday, June 7, 2010

‘Agenda’ of ‘They’ -2

Continuation of ‘“Agenda” of “They”’

The situation was similar in Asia. The Japanese Emperor Hirohito was financed by bank Dillon to face war against the U.S., although Dillon is very influential group in the U.S. government. And the president of Dillon, William Henry Draper Jr. was honored by the emperor after the World War II (he was thanked for the financing?).

The ‘Attack on Pearl Harbor’ (read article below) was planned and executed by 'They' and President Roosevelt. For long time, Japanese people have been commented about something strange that happened at the time. It has given the U.S. military an advantage. It seems that the Japanese Imperial Navy as if he had made mistakes on purpose. Roosevelt said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”. Who led the attack was Admiral Yamamoto.

He was a U.S. spy, suffered brainwashing, when he was sent to Harvard University by the Imperial Navy. But it was not just him. There were more collaborators inside of the political leaders and the Japanese military. Emperor Hirohito and Admiral Yamamoto are cowards and traitors of the Japanese people.
Attack on Pearl Harbor

Adding some information on this occasion, the universities ‘ivy league’ of the U.S., including Harvard, which have not only characteristic of the university, but also has a function as institute, which give the worldwide elites a brain wash or mind control.
Ivy League

Reasons of the atomic bombs, which exploded in Japan, those were for searching effects and for discriminatory purposes and punishment. So it’s not for ending the war and preserves the life of American soldiers, even though the U.S. government insisted it on a pretext.

Will the U.S. Congress has right to ban Turkey's Armenian genocide? And declares that the genocide charge (say), which was executed by Japanese soldiers in World War II? The United States bombed Germany and Japan, killing thousands ordinary citizens. Well, before these, the U.S. committed genocide on Native American.
Armenian Genocide

Moreover, the U.S. has killed thousands soldiers and innocent people without misalignment in Afghanistan and Iraq. You can easily find such information on the net. That's not fair. However, why the mass media do not disclose that? Because almost media are controlled by ‘They’.

Those wars seem like to be planned by the 'Agenda' of 'They'. So from here forward, what will happen in the world? For my research on the net, it seems the following possible scenario of the agenda.

1. Cause false terrorism (September 11 attacks and others), which planned and executed by the Bush administration and cause financial collapse in the U.S.

For understanding it, already ‘classic video’ ‘Zeitgeist’ is good one, but there is some disinformation in the content because of the influence of ‘They’.
The Zeitgeist Movement

For more information, the site below would be a good option. However, this site must be one of disinformation sites of ‘They’, with many imprinting of lie for ‘Goyim’.

                                              ↑ Bush mafia

2. Provoke civil war, creating rebel grievances against government and eliminate the courageous people to confront governments in the world.

3. Transfer the Fed (Federal Reserve System) provisionally into the Ministry of Finance and change the current U.S. dollar bill to a new one. That means asset forfeiture by the government for capitalists.

4. Destroy Christianity entirely and deploy the imaginary demon Lucifer in the population.

5. Establish 'Union North America' including Mexico, Canada and the U.S., like the European Union.

6. Adopting the above model in Asia as 'Asian Union' (center of the union will be in China) and reorganize the world for multi-potential.

7. Cause the World War III, pandemic flu, genetic diseases and so on, by using vaccines and world hunger and so on., due to reduce the world population to less than 1 billion people (currently, about 6.7 billion).

8. As a scenario, which already prepared by 'They' (Illuminati, Freemason and so on.), The EU will be headquarter the NWO (New World Order).

The idea of NOW presented on September 11, 1991 (or 1990?) by the President Bush seiner (watch the video below).
George H. W. Bush

For performing the above procedure, the President Obama has already signed the Martial law decree on January 11 this year (read article below), requiring that all government employees are under the supervision of FEMA, in the event of confrontation between citizen and government. It is an agency set upped to handle it.

American Republic replace by “Council of Governors”?
Federal Emergency Management Agency

It's no problem that you watch the video below, However, you cannot trust Alex Jones, because he is kind of David Icke. He is another ‘drumbeater’ of 'They'. Think about the next facts, why he is still alive and able to denounce so hard 'They' with a loud voice, without being obstructed? Because he is under their control.

Alex Jones Tv: PROOF FEMA

Recently, the Gulf Oil Spill incident was provoked by ‘They’. Well, do you know what happened there exactly with the FEMA actions? Read articles below.
The Gulf Oil Fire NY Times Square Occult Important Dates of April 19-May 1.
Benzene the killer! Plans in place to evacuate The Gulf Population
40 Million and more to evacuate Florida... Heading Inland
Plans To Evacuate Florida

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